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Garran: The game manual has a section describing the runic alphabet, and you can use that to translate the runes on the map and on signs in the game. (There is a similar one for Ophidian writing in the Serpent Isle manual.) Most people who played games in the series quickly learned to read the script directly; it's actually one drawn from real-world Celtic culture.
I searched in all my manuals, and there's no section about runes. I can't find anything except for some file with the ready answers for the mayor and other events in the game. So can you give me a hint on how and where to find those runes' descriptions? Thanks!
Page 26 of the Ultima 7/Black Gate manual, which is internally titled "Fellowship". This is the world guidebook for Ultima 7.

The Serpent Isle's manual is internally titled "Beyond the Serpent Pillars" and has the relevant information on Page 8.

If you haven't played any of the series before it's a good idea to read through those manuals completely when you're playing each game. They give you a great deal of information about the setting, its history, and your part in things, although each is written by a specific character (Batlin for BG; Erstam for SI) who may have their own agenda/perspective on some things.
Thank you very much! I will follow your advice and read all the manuals through. But as I understand, Finnigan's questions aren't related to the game itself or plot, it's merely a copy protection, right?
Yes, but if you don't answer them correctly, the guards won't let you out of Trinsic. There are other ways out of town, but the game expects you to leave using the password. In Serpent Isle, the copy protection is mandatory. If you don't answer properly, the game renders itself unplayable as all npcs say nothing but 'Oink.'
That can also happen in BG if you fail the copy protection questions repeatedly. Of course, the Armageddon spell can also generate some interesting gibberish dialogue from the few remaining NPCs left afterward...
GeistSR: If someone dies, you can pay a healer to resurrect them, or bring them to Lord British for free. You will need to carry their body back though, including their stuff.
Spark has died. But I can't put him into my backpack. :) What should I do? How can I carry him to Lord British?
You'll have to remove a weapon and actually carry him in hand. Either that or slowly drag him along as you walk.
Oh, thanks! So much details in this game, not really obvious.
Other bulky objects (such as powder kegs) will often present the same challenge.

Serpent Isle is a little more forgiving when it comes to container capacity, but even there a corpse will occupy most of a backpack's space.

Since I'm thinking about SI and you asked about this earlier: the Serpent Isle does not have carts or a flying carpet, and the only ship that you get access to is a one-trip special (although you may find an unusual sort of raft that allows travel in one section of the northern ocean). Likewise, it does not have moongates or the Mark/Recall spells, but you will eventually get access to a different facility that provides a similar function, the thematics of which are more appropriate to that land.