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Sir.John: Hm, while I would appreciate if you would be willing to undertake the effort (I'd volunteer to test it and also put it to some use ;-)) I have to admit, "UW Conv Tools" is news to me. Also, I seem to be unable to find any tools that go by this or a similar name. You don't happen to have these or a link to the set of tools, so I can have a look at them?

Thanks for bothering to answer. Much appreciated!

krokots: It got lost in time, but I have it, and all other old UW editors.
I uploaded it here -
It's not easy tool to use, it was meant to be conversation editor for both games. I used it to learn how UW conversation works. You can edit string data in this, so it is possible to create a full translation.
Thanks for the files. I'll make sure to have a look.
If you decide to give your approach a go, please make sure, to let the public / me know - Whenever my translation of Serpent Isle is complete, I might have a go at UW ;-)
krokots: I finished a first version of Ultimate Underworld Editor - an editor for Ultima Underworld 1 (only, at least for now).
Features :
- Fully editable levels, possibility to create new 9 levels for UW1
- Conversation editor & player
- Importing own textures and graphics for items
- Changing string data - so changing mantras, adding your own scrolls, writings, etc.
- Changing object properties - including changing monster stats

Limitations (because of hard coded stuff in UW)
- Starting location is always the same
- Level 7 has mana drain (destroying any orb within works also)
- Level 9 is shaking all the time and slowly draining health
- Hard coded puzzles - bullfrog puzzle and emerald puzzle (impossible to emulate these)
- Some conversation stuff is missing (starting conversation mid-fight, like in Golem conversations)

Download version 0.1
Be prepared for it to be super buggy.

You will need to unpack the GoG file for this to work (game.gog). Editor needs a link to "LEV.ARK" within Data folder in UW folder.

Here are videos I made to explain more difficult stuff:

I'd like to thank the Ultima Adventures creators for figuring out all UW data. Without it, this project would be impossible.
Hi! My name is Igor Damini, I'm from Brazil... I'm a HUGE fan of Ultima Series, especially Ultima Underworld! I just found out about your work... About the Ultima Underworld Edito... And instantly got thrilled! I download it, installed it, and try to use it.... But i didn't worked... I have the original game here on GoG.... The Editor asks for some file named PALS.DAT that dosen't exist where the Editor says it should be... I tryied but coudn't make ir work... Can you gimme a hand on it? I've beem wantind to make a fangame of Ultima Underworld for almost 20

Thanks in advance^^
Did you unpack the gog file? Ultima folder should have DATA folder that contains LEV.ARK which you need to pick in the editor, and other files that are needed are also in DATA folder (PALS.DAT, etc).

Just use zip/7zip or any archive software on "game.gog" and unpack this. Also you will need to either put it back to this file, or use Dosbox to run this unpacked version.
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