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Hello to yee, good people of GOG and all those who loves Ultima series.

Recently i've started playing Ultima IX again, and remembered that keyboard and mouse controls of this particular game is a bit strange. I couldn't find anything regarding controls change for this game anywhere, including the GOG forum, so did a little research of this subject myself to understand how it's possible to change keys to make Ultima IX more playable with traditional WASD key layout.

So, imagine that you've installed some fresh Ultima XI on your PC, and brought both unofficial patches (1.19f and 1.19h). Suggesting that you could not make setup tool working, you are unable to make any changes to game's options without options.ini, including controls.

What you should do is to locate a file named "Default.kmp" in your Ultima IX directory. It's easy to open it with notepad, later on you'll see keys and commands listed in it (see attached screenshot). You can change it as you see fit, don't forget to save it, and then try running Ultima IX again - all assigned buttons will work flawlessly.

Hope this would help you to enjoy that great adventure again more comfortable way.
I apologize if there is some themes and topics regarding the subject, just could not find it anywhere.
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Super helpful, thanks much!
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