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Hi folks, can someone tell me which patch I should use for Ultima IV running on Windows 95? I tried one that when I tried to run the batch file that it was a 16 bit. Obviously it has to be run under dosbox which I am not sure how to do. So is there a patch that will run with windows 95 64 bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There was one patch I saw last year that has a windows interface that upgraded to VGA and music with corrections to Hythloth dungeon. Anyone remember where to find this patch.
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Hyloth fix:

For the upgrade patch I'd suggest using the Pix Utima Patcher. It should be reasonably convinient to use :-)

This said. IIRC the onl problem with the original upgrade patch was the avpatch.exe, that isn't working anymore. There is a replacement for that available here:
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