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That brings back memories. I got one back in the 80s for Ultima III. It's nice to know they are still doing this. I been so tempted to make s sequel to the game. Been a fan since I was a kid and have the means to do it, just don't want to get sued lol. I never cared for Ultima IX. It was so different from the regular series. Sort of like Doom meets Golden Axe. If I was to do a project like this, the settings and graphics would be on the lines of Ultima V and Final Fantasy IV (One with Cecil) I lost my contact info of Richard Garriott, but I still can contact my old employer and see what they have to say and forward my ideas.
I dont think Gariiot had anything to do with Ultima Underworld. I beleive the game was half finished already when it was brought to someone in the company and the Ultima name was slapped on it. I could see him ignoring that game since its not his.
I wonder if he does this for Worlds of Ultima? As Martian Adventures is the only Ultima game I've completed.