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I'm kind of confused with all these graphics options under "Graphics Mode Setup".

What "graphic mode" should I be using?
Overlay, Surface, DDraw, Direct3D, OpenGL or OpenGLnb?

Also, what exactly do scalers do? Is it like if you turned off scalers completely, the screen would be tiny because of modern resolutions?
I tried "high quality 2" and it seemed sharper... but I could just be imagining it. Would high quality 3 be even better than 2? Or does it make it 3 times as big? I'm confused about all this. Even back with emulators I never knew what scalers did really.

Also what is double buffering for full screen, and should I be using it? It's off by default...

And finally, "keep aspect ratio"? I don't seem to notice a difference when clicking that on.
For graphic mode, just use overlay or DDraw, I don't think there's any point to using the others. Well, maybe OpenGL if you're trying to run it on linux.

Scalling engines can help make old pixellated games look better, and yes, 3x will make it 50% bigger than 2x (easily noticeable if you're playing in a window) Personally, I prefer the advinterp scaller for UW, but it's mostly a matter of taste. I suggest experimenting with them.

Double buffering :

And the little information button located just to the right of the "Keep aspect ratio" checkbox explains what it does.
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Ah, so that's what Double Buffering is. It seems to be like triple buffering in other games, with relation to screen tearing.

Anyway, why do you mention Overlay OR DDraw? Is one better than the other, or is it just which one works? Does one or the other have better graphics?

Haven't noticed any difference between overlay and DDraw as far as visuals go. Had an issue in Dungeon Keeper when using the D3D renderer and Surface won't allow you to change the "window resolution" (according to the little blot of info next to it), which I why I recommended Overlay or DDraw, but I have no idea if one's better than the other.