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I want to buy an Ufo game from Gog and I'm asking which one would you recommend.

My personal recommendation is the second one, Aftershock. It has the good stuff from the first game, adds a much better base/troop management, and doesn't get too complicated. I'd also suggest grabbing ShadoWarrior's Weapon Rebalance and Heroic Assault mods, since I loved the game that way.
Yeah, in the whole better gameplay than Aftermath and less complicated than Afterlight. Aftershock is even already very good without mod. I use only aesthetic ones (sounds and uniforms)
I think among UFO:After fans, 6% prefer AM, 45% prefer AL, and 49% for AS.
Thanks for the help.
MMMM, i was going to ask the same question. Think ill go for Aftershock aswell. I might die waiting for terror from the deep to release so need my xcommy fix