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Well, for some reason I get very low FPS in combat. The funny thing is, changing details to low/off (where everything else runs on medium fine) does not help. I managed to remedy it by some odd combination of saving/reloading but the problem came back the next fight. Also, the tutorial fight works perfectly fine. Is there something I can do?
My PC's specs:
Sempron 2500+ @ 1.7 GHz
512 MB Ram
Sapphire Radeon 9550
Windows XP SP3, Radeon Omega display drivers
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i think its to do with the age of the game and how 'new' your graphics card is....i have a really good ATI Radeon, not sure what one it is off hand but UFO:AS also tanks when there is a lot of fire going on. the graphics in UFO:AM and AS were more optimized to run on the graphics cards of yesteryear ie. the ones released just before and slightly after the release of the first does happen on occasion with UFO:AL but its something like once a session....for me at least.