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When starting Afterlight, the bottom of the screen cannot be seen due to certain resolutions (mine being 1366x768). I couldn't find any solution in GOG forums so I played around and found this:

First start game new game and enter a username (this creates profile).
Next exit game and find the 'Profile' folder in your UFO Afterlight install folder.
Open folder with the username you have entered (UFO Afterlight\Profile\Username\)
Edit 'Option.cfg' with notepad.
Change "resolution_x" and "resolution_y" to your desired resolution (i.e. 1366 and 768).
Save and start Afterlight again.
Now you should be able to see the full screen.
(*Hint * aspect ratio may need adjustment, I had to set it to 4:3)
you are awesome.
iv spent ages looking around thinking there must be a config file somewhere, for some unknown reason i didnt think to create a profile first - dur!
thanks again! :D
no if i can just sort my video issue on aftermath id be all set!