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Dear Deep Water Studio,

first of all let me thank you for your excellent work on this game, I think this is the game that every silent hunter fan was waiting in the old times and now you finally achive that was never made before.
Crew managment should be the base of any WWII sub simulator, so keep up the good work!

One problem that I noticed is not a mayor thing, but it is very disturbing so I hope you can fix it quite easily.
So it is about celestial mechanics, the sun is rising on the noth east and setting on the north west, in the middle of winter. It feels like the sun is moving above the north pole. Probably this causes that the moon phases looks reversed. It looks like a letter C in the first quarter and looks like a D in the third quarter. This should be the opposite.

Also I tried to observe the night sky too, I recognised some constellation, but cannot see the North Star. Like the stars are rotating around a point somewhere below the horizon always.

So it seems that sky movements are working almost fine, but it is offset somehow, maybe south and north is just fliped over.
If you have some development time, please fix it.
Thank you again for your excelent job so far.
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This reminds me a bit of the same/similar thing in Dying Light2. Someone watched the sun set many times, and the movements of the moon and found out there were completely unreal essentially. The reason WHY this was so funny/strange was that in Dying Light 1 they got most of this quite right. So you would think they would of totally aced this with the sequel...yet from what we can tell it is inferior. So I see that your post has pretty much gone ignored by the community/devs, and that is a shame because ONCE they have gotten some of the more major issues out of the way (like their 1.0 release that is coming up very soon) I am sure they would like to get around to the lesser stuff like this as you mention and give it a buffing. Like correcting that reversal you mention, etc.

Anyways, thanks for the post. Yes it really made me think of that youtube vid I watched on DL1 / DL2 and how there were and still are many thinks the first release did right that they are finally starting to realize should go into their main product they are marketing now.