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Hi, I made 7 new terrain types for random maps in Tzar. Plus one terrain called Debug which I used to extract images, I included it for your use.

New Terrains:
• Autumn
• Shores of Evil
• Desert Valley
• Grassland (New)
• Plateau
• Winter (New)
• Wasteland

Image previews:
Shores of Evil:
Desert Valley:
Grassland (New):
Winter (New):


I included a readme with instructions. It's very simple to set up, you just download the IMAGES.rar and extract it into the Tzar main directory. Put it there and right-click, select 'extract here' and it's ready to play. Start the game and click Random Map, the new terrains should appear in the terrain selection.

I hope you enjoy the new terrains! :)
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I can't get the possibilities of this engine out of my head for a game set in the Great War.