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Really old topic bump but wanted to share my setup

Front weapon, rear weapon, and sidearms are all vulcan.

This setup burns through anything but the best generator in a few seconds, but I love playing it this way.
Favourite "Starter" (E1) Loadout:

Pulse (F), Sonic Wave (R), either duel Satellite Marlo or single Mint-O-Ship (SK) with front and rear upgrading after selecting top gen / shields.

Front Guns:
Zica Laser
Mega Pulse

Rear Guns:
Sonic Wave
Guided Micro Bombs
Heavy Missiles

Proton Cannon Tangerine / Companion Ship Gerund
dual Zica SuperCharger
dual Plasma Storm
dual Dual Shot Cannon
BattleShip-Class Firebomb / Companion Ship Gerund

Special (pickup):
Soul of Zinglon
MegaLaser Dual
SDF Main Gun

In short, I tend to favour running aggressively destructive loadouts.
a bit weird to say but, among all the front weapons, I prefer Lv.9 zica laser most......
It's more joyful to operate on, comparing with Lv.10 zica laser, while the power is still satisfying.

and surely I love mega pulse.