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Does anybody know how to acces the setup of tyrian 2k on mac os x? Since there is no option to run the setup from the launcher app that comes with tyrian 2k on mac os x.
I found out how to acces the the Tyrian 2K setup. I was even able to add it to the launcher.
This is what I did:

I went to the Apps folder in finder, did right click on the "Tyrian" and clicked on Show Package Contents. A new finder window opened; I've double clicked on the folder Contents and then double clicked on the folder Resources. Right clicked on the file "Tyrian 2000.boxer" and clicked on Show Package Contents, in the new finder window that then did open I've right clicked on the file "Game Info.plist" and clicked on open with then and then chose to open the file with the Texteditor. I've added the folowing lines to the file after the lines of the ship editor:

<string>Tyrian 2000 setup</string>

Next time when you run the launcher you will have the option Tyrian 2000 setup aviable from the launcher.

Tip: Highlight in the setup Game Detail and press W, this will activate wild mode, this wil give an even higher game detail than Pentium.