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Episode 1 and 2 ask for your name and gives you a rank based on your score. (It's a bit buggy ,because my name appears blank after entry.. But when later checking the menu page, it appears correctly).

Continuing on to ep3, it displays a final score, but doesn't ask for a name and my ranking never shows up.

Thought maybe you need to do it from lvl1.. So tried on super arcade mode, but no difference.

Is there any way to get your scores to show up on those pages?
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I'm having the same issue. I played through story mode twice, once on normal difficulty, and once on hard. On normal difficulty, my high scores worked for all five episodes (IE it showed me my score at the end of the chapter, and prompted me to type in my name, which I did). Then, I replayed story mode on hard (not the new game +, I made a different save file). Episodes 1 and 2 let me enter my name for a high score. Episodes 3 through 5 showed me my score, but I got no prompt to type in my name.

I'm not super-heartbroken or anything, but I am wondering what is going on.