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Hello everyone,

I am looking for some advice about the very poor performances I am experiencing with my iMac.
Its characteristics are :

- Core i5 2.9Ghz
- 16 MB RAM
- nvidia GTX 660M 512Mo

According to the specifications indicated on the GoG website, I should be able to play Tyranny in pretty good conditions. Unfortunately, I can't.
In full screen mode, 2560 x 1440, I don't even have 2 FPS. It is just unplayable.
Even the intro lags.

Could someone owning the same machine confirm that :
- it is normal, Tyranny cannot be played with my configuration (I doubt it)
- it is not normal. In that case, does anyone has an idea about how to fix that issue?

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I cannot do what you wish for, but this might help you:
On a 2080ti+2700X, I get ~100FPS in WQHD on one of the huge maps. (Bonus-Info: I´m in CPU-Limit, the GPU is around half load)
A 2080ti is around twenty to thirty times faster then a 660m. But, as the 2080ti is under half load, your system should still score around 10FPS instead. Maybe yours is simply limited by not enough GPU-memory.

Have you tried out how well it performs in lowest resolution?