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Hi everybody

Im so sad. I installed Tyranny gold edition ( with DLC so) on my MacBook Pro 14 m1 2021 with gog galaxy, it runned well for maybe one hour with the standard settings but I tried to change the resolution to the maximum ( 3024 x 1964 ).
( standard setting was 1512 x 982 )

Blackscreen. Exit and relaunch -> black screen with the glove cursor , with music on back.

Uninstall and reinstall -> same

Uninstall and reinstall deleting all the gog settings => same

Uninstall game AND uninstall gog galaxy and manually ALL the gog folders / files, and reinstall the game alone without reinstall galaxy, just from pkg -> same again !

I'm stuck. I think the game still launch at the full resolution. I can't handle to get it to the default settings when start, even after uninstall all the gog files.

Is there a way to change the game resolution before to launch it ? like on Windows OS via right click on the game icon ?

All help is welcome , I really want to play it again !

Thanks !
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