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Two Worlds II @ hopefully fixes
crashes when saving, ground holes, some of the sound crashes and bugs, some of the bugs with video scenes, etc . . .

so first of all the game still will have some of it's bugs but kinda ok'ish because small dev team
first of all
keep in mind to install the proper nvidia physics legacy software version
well . . .
i recommend to limit the game to 30fps via gpu driver as in nvidia in game's profile set the v sync to adaptive half refresh rate and make sure you run your monitor to 60hz

if you have crashes when auto saving and going in a dungeon or getting out
and your settings keeping resetting or whatever and holes in the land far in the distance
well . . .
you have to understand that the engine is old and the updates to it were executed poorly and rushed with no debug for them
you can make it work like normal kinda if you make sure of some things
keep the draw distance to 4 i think or maybe not maximum because the engine will not know how to interpret the saves beyond the 4 i think aka 1400 view distance slider
yes its a damn shame they didn't debug that but anyway
make sure if it keeps crashing with the xaudio module thing then turn off the eax sound in game settings

the rest of the settings can be maxed out i think
Post edited April 25, 2021 by boghinovel