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To answer some possible questions. I have the steam version (which is the gog version) so the game itself is up to date. Also I am using Windows 7, having the graphics settings all maxed out. My important pc specs:
GPU: MSI R9 390
CPU: Intel Core i5 4460
All drivers are up to date.
When searching for crash fixes there are only fixes on the internet which deal with the startup fix caused by a newer version of physX. This is not the case for me, my game just always crashes when new areas get loaded or when I save my game (in 95% of the cases when I save the game it crashes and the new save hasn`t been created yet). I also tryed the AMD compatible exe, I checked my data with steam and I also reinstalled the game with no solution what so ever.
By the way, I don`t get any specific error message, the game just closes with "Two Worlds.exe stopped working".
I really hope I can find a solution here as I`d really like to give that game a chance, otherwise I have to skip it and just instantly start with TW 2
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Did you ever find a fix? Downloading Nvidia Legacy drivers that fix an unrelated issue hoping it helps.

This issue sucks cause you cant even save scum to keep from losing progress - youll likely just lose it quicker!