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...and am sort of surprised that the game is so much better playing (and better looking) than I originally recall it. Playing with the 1.7b patch (which is just like the 1.7 patch with, I believe, the exception of a minor quest or two), the NPC lip-syncing fix, and the 1.7 version of the TW1 Control Panel (which was the last version of the CPL, apparently.) I'm also playing with the 14.2b Catalysts (the latest) with the in-game multisampling FSAA turned off and 4x FSAA EQ Supersampling turned on in the driver override, as well as 16x AF forced from the driver as well. This seems to provide the best IQ @ 1920x1200, imo, but only slightly beats out 12xEQ FSAA Edge Detect forced from the Catalysts--I'm still comparing them. I could go to 8xEQ FSAA or 24xEQ FSAA Edge Detect, but those modes impact the frame rate a bit too much for my liking and don't provide that much of an improvement over the half-way FSAA settings.

I'm also using the TW1 CPL to tweak the in-game settings and save them to the appropriate autoexecGame2.con file in the parameters folder--I just instructed it to setup for maximum IQ--quite a bit better than standard. I adjusted the nights to be about 2/3 as long as the days, and even with max IQ settings in-game and Vsync on I'm still getting a very fluid frame-rate with my 2GB 7850. The TW1 CPL is great for automatically installing a number of mods that were done for the game...

In total, I had finished the game the first time with a different GPU and system and OS, long before version 1.7x, and long before the TW1 CPL was finished enough for me to consider using it. Huge difference in overall game play!

The game of course will always have its unique weaknesses and often comical blunders, but overall it just seems much more fun to play now than it did then. Go figure...Just thought I'd pass it along to whomever might be contemplating firing up this game again...can't see how you won't enjoy it a lot more than maybe you did the first go-through...1