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Turok: Next Generation (GOG Edition) v1.0
An overhaul pack aimed to enhance the game as much as possible while still being faithful to the original Turok you know and love.

This is my contribution to the awesome Turok community, it's a culmination of all my work so far. I'm having a lot of fun and hope to introduce more in the future.

TurokNG Features:
- All textures, sprites, and HUD elements have been enhanced using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning techniques.
- Restyled Logo for the main menu, somewhat inspired by the original N64 logo.
- Completely new sky textures.
- Replaced loading screen with an HD version of the same art.
- Fonts have been cleaned up, new green font for the console.
- Larger, green mouse cursor.
- New green crosshair that is visible on every surface.
- Some minor translation issues fixed. Found German in the Italian translation for some reason.
- No time trial/tutorial text. Sounds still play though. I assume most people don't need tutorial text, and it blocks your view.
- Simplified and clarified menu and game text.
- Removed text spam for basic pickups. (i.e. 2 HEALTH 2 HEALTH 2 HEALTH 2 HEALTH)
- Reworked the vanilla sounds for hopefully slightly better quality.
- Absolutely nothing that manages core gameplay has been touched!

TurokNG Extras:
- An alternative logo for the main menu, made from scratch in inkscape.
- A compatibility patch to make TurokNG more compatible with Turok+
- An accessibility cursor and crosshair.

Each mod is isolated by design so you can hand-pick a custom mod loadout or use them together for the ultimate TurokNG experience!

Installation is easy, simply unzip the mods folder into your game directory.

Download at Nexus Mods
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TurokNG on Steam
TurokNG: Extras on Steam
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Update: Added TurokNG Extras 1.0
This is a pack of optional mods that you can use in conjunction with TurokNG or with any other combination of mods.