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Much thanks to the feedback I received from folks - I have decided to also lower the health points for both player and NPC to 100 for the normal mode, so the same as hardcore mode. The purpose is to completely eliminate the "tanky human NPC enemy" problem and make the whole game more enjoyable. Update 1.31 adds this change. If you already have a game in-progress, your player health will remain at 160, but any new NPCs you encounter will have lower health.

For new game play-throughs, both player and NPC will have 100 health.

Also, for balancing I reduced the amount of ammo you can discover from human NPCs on hardcore mode. Please let me know if you have any questions!


I just released a respin of the 1.31 patch to add a few more fixes:

- Added 1440x900 resolution
- Some translation adjustments
- Changed AK-47 to AKM to be more historically correct
- Changed PMM and silenced PMM magazine size to 12 to be historically correct
- Added a gas mask around Koshvoy Estate
- Added a tutorial that explains how the toxic fog works in Lake Cheko
- Fixed a Russian font issue on level-loading screen
- Fixed a bug where hostile NPCs cannot see player through doorway even if the door is open
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Thanks for posting the patch notes.