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I'm aware of several reports that the game will crash immediately when starting. There is a known issue in the older versions of Unity - which I'm using for Tunguska to keep all the plugins compatible. The issue is caused by the GetDisplayAdapterPropertyWMI function call, which Unity uses to get the display adapter stats from Windows, and it breaks when Unity receives a response that it doesn't understand.

You can verify whether you are hitting this issue by looking at the output_log.txt file under Tunguska_Data folder in the game installation directory. At the bottom of the file there will be a "OUTPUTING STACK TRACE" section, and if it looks like below at the top of the stack trace, then you might be running into this issue:

0x00007FF70AD16307 (Tunguska) [f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\self_64_amd64\crt\src\wcstol.c:100] wcstoxl
0x00007FF70AC81054 (Tunguska) [c:\buildslave\unity\build\platformdependent\win\windriverutils.cpp:150] GetDisplayAdapterPropertyWMI
0x00007FF70AC811BA (Tunguska) [c:\buildslave\unity\build\platformdependent\win\windriverutils.cpp:212] windriverutils::GetDisplayDriverVersionString
0x00007FF70A5F1B1B (Tunguska) [c:\buildslave\unity\build\runtime\gfxdevice\d3d11\graphicscapsd3d11.cpp:223] GraphicsCaps::InitD3D11

Here you can see Unity attempting to call GetDisplayAdapterPropertyWMI as the last thing it tried to do before crashing.

It's more likely you will run into this if you have Citrix installed on your system.

The most straight forward workaround is to try uninstalling Citrix.

There is another way documented in this post:

Thank you!
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