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At first, thank you very much for your game and passion to create something like this!
I bought the game and most of the dlcs and beside the fact that I had a hard time to get into it, because of all the different mechanics, I´m really enjoying it. It has a wonderful stalker like atmosphere but it´s own character.

But I have some questions/ ideas too:

1. is there a chance to get money or material from a stable source? If I shoot all my magazines empty, called my boss lady and got my money, looted all the dead enemies... it´s possible to stay in the game wihout food, without money, without ammunition?! This would be gamebreaking. Without food you can´t heal, without money you can´t buy ammunition.

I´m at the beginning of the game, behind the locked door, guards etc.
I have some ressources but found no way of looting additional wood or food, ammunition etc. without money I can´t buy these essential items from other guys.

I think there should be a way of getting money in every situation. for example sleeping some days and farming/harvesting crops etc. to sell them. the Pile of wood behind razor should refill after some days to get new wood. also I have a receipt for h2 serum but not for h1 serum. I don´t know where to get the h1 serum to further create h2 serum. Perhaps traders could sell receipts at certain points in the game.

2. stealth did not work for me. I tried half an hour to sneak at the guards and it just worked 1 time. I dropped all my heavy stuff as I thought they would hear me because of my weight... but without all my equipment the heard me, too. It´s very hard to get behind them whithout them turning around and shooting at you, while trying to assasinate them. you could make them not hear you while sneaking or implement a button for slowly sneaking - just for the last meters behind them.

3. It would me nice to see, how much every food will restore after eating. I´m eating bread, roasted potatoes etc. and don´t know, how much life or energy I´m getting back from them. This lead to a waste of food just to boost my energy level.

4. Sometimes you can´t shoot over cover. I took cover, uncrouched, shot the enemy and crouched again - but the shot did not hit. I shot the cover. Don´t know if this is a bug, my fault or wanted. Would be nice, to take cover and shoot out of cover without needing to crouch, stand manually.

sounds like many criticism, but I really like your game. This game is great and I have the most respect for you creating something like this (almost?!) on your own!

Please keep creating (real) games and don´t stop being creative! You got talent!