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Monolith Productions recently celebrated their 25th Anniversary, and as part of that celebration they released some concept art for TRON 2.0 that I'd personally not seen before.

Last year, for the 15th Anniversary of the release of TRON 2.0, I put together a package on behalf of LDSO containing – among other things – concept art, and made it available to download. The majority of the content in this package is what I've personally managed to collect, and preserve, over the years. But since Monolith released more concept art, I've updated the package to include the few new pieces of art Monolith provided.

TRON 2.0 15th Anniversary download package (now including Monolith's released concept art):

The link above is a download that contains concept art, wallpapers, and videos about TRON 2.0. Some of this content probably hasn’t been seen, by the majority of TRON fans, for over a decade.

All of the videos in the download, plus more, can be found on the LDSO YouTube channel if you'd prefer not to download them.

TRON 2.0 videos:

I asked for, and got permission, from Monolith to share the new TRON 2.0 concept art. In return, they asked that I advertise their Official Monoilith Productions Discord channel, where the new art originated from:

In addition to this newly released collection of TRON 2.0 content: LDSO has previously released the TRON 2.0 soundtrack and game manual, which can also be found if you visit the posts linked below.

TRON 2.0 Manual and Reference card (in English):
TRON 2.0 Soundtrack:

I was hoping that perhaps GOG would consider adding this content to the "goodies" download section for TRON 2.0, here on the site. It does seem a shame that, since release here on GOG, no bonus content has been added to TRON 2.0 for download. (I don't even care if they'd prefer to source content from Disney and Monolith Productions, officially, rather than use what I've collected.)
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