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Installed on fresh Ubuntu 16.04 x64 (fresh install of Ubuntu).

Starting the game gives nothing but 2-3 sec icon appearence in dash.

If I start throught terminal, game returns this:
alex@alex-Inspiron-7520:~$ '/home/alex/GOG Games/Trine Enchanted Edition/'
Running Trine Enchanted Edition
./ 31: ./ ./bin/trine1_linux_launcher_32bit: not found

I checked game folder - all bin files existing, is in /home/alex/GOG Games/Trine Enchanted Edition/game folder
trine1_linux_launcher_32bit - is in /home/alex/GOG Games/Trine Enchanted Edition/bin.

Can someone help me please?
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The game page states that some packages must be installed prior to run.
Have you installed them?