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After playing with teams of characters from 5 classes out of 9, I can say that this is a great game for someone who enjoys deck builders and tactical battles on a hex board. If you liked Card Hunter or Popup dungeon, this is your type of game. There are mods for 2 extra classes, Witcher and Summoner. The deck building aspect is simpler than Slay the Spire or Monster Train, but you don't have to plan a build and pray to rng gods, whatever cards/items you are offered combined with the upgrades/removals you make are enough to make good decks. The use of cards on other characters make the combat challenging and fun. And the AI is quite smart. I damaged a boss to 1 hit point, and he played in a way that I couldn't reach/target him and he destroyed my characters one by one, I was mad but impressed when this happened:) There is a hint of adventure and story where you move on a map that has some surprises, make choices on locations, get followers, fall into traps and get injured etc. I think the modding material is available if someone wants to design classes, I don't know if campaigns would be possible.