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Changelog for Patch 27635 (11 December 2019)

- Fixed rare crash in campaign mission 1 when using the Japanese version
- Fixed rare crash in campaign mission 2 when activating train station passenger filter

Changelog for Patch 27392 (11 December 2019)

- Fixed rare crash when using text filter in construction menu
- Fixed rare crash in campaign mission 3 when activating train station passenger filter

Changelog for Patch 27401 (11 December 2019)

- Fixed occasional crash when entering vehicle cockpit view
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Changelog for Patch 27428 (13 December 2019)

- Fixed crash in settings menu when system language is Czech, Italian, Portuguese or Ukrainian
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Changelog for Patch 27600 (19 December 2019) - claimed date; actual availability since 23 December 2019

It's been eight days since the launch of Transport Fever 2 and we are still overwhelmed by your feedback and the many positive reactions. We are grateful for the countless discussions and reports, and since the launch we have tried to read everything possible and implement the most important improvements as quickly as possible.

Today we can release a first major stability update. Please find the detailed release notes here.

Please be assured that we will continue to make great efforts to implement further improvements in the future. Based on your feedback, there will be a number of free updates. Accordingly, you do not have to be concerned if your specific issue has not yet been solved with today's update.

We are really looking forward to the upcoming improvements and promise you that we will work very hard also in the next year. The entire Urban Games team says thanks for your interest and wishes you a happy holiday season.

Actual release notes copied over from Steam :(
Version 27600 (December 23)

- Fixed random crash caused by town development

Version 27594 (December 20)

- Fixed buildings wobble/collision when crossing (or connecting to) street

Version 27586 (December 20)

- Fixed crash when using Set line > New line
- Fixed crash when rail vehicle model is missing
- Fixed in-game graphics presets not working correctly

Version 27571 (December 20)

- Fixed crash when loading certain save games with mods
- Fixed crash when editing train in depot
- Fixed crash when building more than 8 terminals in a single airport
- Fixed ships and planes can't load coal in 2nd compartment

Version 27560 (December 19)

- Fixed random crash caused by town development
- Fixed rare crash related to line manager
- Fixed rare crash when modifying airport landing lights
- Fixed rare crash in map editor when generating heightmap/towns/industries/streets
- Fixed rare crash when initializing new game
- Fixed rare crash when building stations
- Fixed rare crash related to vehicle manager
- Fixed wrong catchment area display and preview in certain cases
- Fixed vehicles stuck when there is only a very short segment after railroad crossing
- Fixed invalid parcels / town buildings in rare cases
- Fixed vehicle store not opening after depot electrification
- Fixed small stuttering when hovering mouse over objects
- Fixed guide system not reset when playing map
- Fixed vehicle doors opening on wrong side
- Fixed modern headquarters appearing too early
- Fixed tram catenary poles on railroad crossing
- Fixed railroad crossing animation details
- Fixed street station details
- Fixed add station mouse cursor bug
- Fixed black streets/tracks rendering bug
- Fixed module slots sometimes occluded by terrain
- Fixed UI scaling issues in construction menus
- Fixed preview images of autosaves not deleted
- Fixed various texts and translations
- Fixed compatibility problems with certain Linux distributions
- Fixed generate streets didn't show progress (map editor)
- Fixed actions not stopped when switching construction menu tab (map editor)
- Fixed crash if specified crew model not found (modding)
- Fixed crash when encountering compressed TGA files (modding)
- Fixed car models from mods not visible in game (modding)
- Fixed several minor details in missions 1/5/11/16/18 (campaign)
- Improved in-game settings (show all options)
- Improved missing resources handling (e.g. skip models with missing meshes)
- Improved railroad crossing with sound effect
- Improved airport details (terminal numbers, lights)
- Added train editing feature
- Added cargo load ratio feature
- Added Set line - New line feature
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Changelog for Patch 27767 (24 January 2020) - claimed date; actual availability since 27 January 2020

- Fixed crash with vehicle store
- Fixed error handling when encountering corrupted game files

Changelog for Patch 27747 (23 January 2020) - claimed date; actual availability since 27 January 2020

- Fixed rare crash with vehicle store
- Fixed rare crash with cockpit camera
- Fixed rare crash when buying train
- Fixed rare crash when building modules
- Fixed rare crash when generating streets
- Fixed crash with cockpit camera when animal dies
- Fixed crash when encountering invalid DDS file
- Fixed crash when opening vehicle replacement dialog
- Fixed crash when construction points to missing models (modding)
- Fixed crash when building "ends" of asymmetric streets (modding)
- Fixed crashes related to using legacy model format (modding)
- Fixed tracks not bulldozable in certain cases (near crossings)
- Fixed cloned trains going to wrong platform
- Fixed cloned road vehicles coming out of remote depot
- Fixed replace vehicles sometimes sells all vehicles
- Fixed line deselected while editing in certain cases (e.g. duplicate line names)
- Fixed vehicle store confusing modify/buy
- Fixed moving waggons between trains when balance is negative
- Fixed issue when replacing reversed train with non-reversible train
- Fixed signals showing red/green at the same time in certain cases
- Fixed construction menu categories not visible in certain cases (e.g. electrification)
- Fixed WASD keys hang when entering in-game menu
- Fixed headquarters achievement not properly unlocked in certain cases
- Fixed audio error when managing many vehicles at once
- Fixed hovercraft engine sound too loud
- Fixed minor town building details
- Fixed missing railroad crossing selection tooltip
- Fixed new vehicle notification details
- Fixed issue with flickering buttons in line manager
- Fixed missing translations
- Fixed dynamic stop label not allowing negative offset (modding)
- [Campaign] Fixed rare crashes in missions 11, 13 and 14
- [Campaign] Fixed mistakes in text links and locators in mission 12
- [Campaign] Fixed missing train descriptions in mission 13
- [Campaign] Fixed passengers transported by bus counted towards task progress in mission 16
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Changelog for Patch 28231 (06 March 2020) - claimed date; actual availability since 10 March 2020

- Fixed rare crash shortly after loading the game

Changelog for Patch 28218 (06 March 2020) - claimed date; actual availability since 10 March 2020

- Added straight street building mode
- Added bulldozer brush feature: keep bulldozing while mouse pressed
- Added free bulldozer functionality: bulldozing is generally free
- Added refund bulldozer functionality: get a refund when bulldozing immediately
- Added bulk color reset functionality in vehicle manager
- Added terrain rendering quality low setting
- Added debug mode feature: Alt Gr + d: debug window with various features
- Added debug mode feature: Alt Gr + i: show rendering statistics
- Added debug mode feature: Alt Gr + r: reload shaders
- Added debug mode feature: Alt Gr + b: show bounding boxes
- Improved memory usage: significantly lower RAM consumption
- Improved module builder performance (harbors)
- Improved terrain rendering performance: particularly on AMD graphic cards
- Improved grass rendering performance
- Improved line editing performance
- Improved save game loading time
- Improved line/vehicle manager usability: double-click on line opens line window
- Improved line manager: currently hovered line blinking
- Improved line manager: station labels of selected line better visible
- Improved line manager cargo config icon style
- Improved lines table: added links
- Improved vehicle manager: added condition column
- Improved vehicle statistics: added links
- Improved line statistics: added links to line window charts and finances
- Improved add mods to save game button
- Improved vehicle (train) behavior: keep current stop when path is interrupted
- Improved track catenary: distance between poles depending on curvature
- Improved train depot with high speed upgrade ("No country for old trains" ach.)
- Improved picking of ships when docked
- Improved hover rendering of harbors
- Improved camera tool field of views: level of detail now scales correctly
- Improved search field focus: pop focus on ESC when empty
- Improved modding stability: removing bridge or tunnel mods no longer crashes
- Improved underground rendering for module builder/bulldozer (modding)
- Improved error reporting when models are incorrectly configured (modding)
- Improved handling of incompatible mesh/materials configurations (modding)
- Improved collision handling of module slots with water: added parameter (modding)
- Improved rail station era_c platform roof connector
- Improved LODs for stations
- Improved LODs for depots
- Improved LODs for ships
- Improved LODs for aircraft
- Improved LODs for asian locomotives
- Improved LODs for ice1, avelia_express, eurodual and ten_wheeler
- Improved LODs for oil refinery and steel mill
- [Campaign] Improved cargo counting in mission 15
- [Campaign] Improved translations in mission 16
- [Campaign] Improved custom cargo models in several missions
- Fixed delay/freeze when building land bridges
- Fixed a problem where a big ship could be sent to a small dock and get stuck
- Fixed vehicle store search field focus lost issue
- Fixed rare crash with certain AMD graphics cards
- Fixed rare crash when loading certain save games
- Fixed crash when cloning vehicle on a line without stops
- Fixed terrain rendering artifacts on Intel HD Graphics
- Fixed an issue with rendering of bulldozer selection for underground objects
- Fixed random crash when starting a new game or generating streets in editor
- Fixed street terminal builder costs label not shown for non-terminals
- Fixed Alt/Ctrl shortcut combination issue
- Fixed some shortcuts
- Fixed vehicle editor details when (re)moving wagons
- Fixed vehicle window left click unfocus issue
- Fixed multiple unit flipped icon issue
- Fixed carrier filter buttons order
- Fixed cloned aircraft ignoring small/large hangar
- Fixed cockpit camera cargo item style
- Fixed vehicles losing custom color when replaced
- Fixed terrain ground texture glitches
- Fixed several small performance issues
- Fixed various vehicle balancing issues
- Fixed line cargo configuration icon not showing active state in certain cases
- Fixed collision with modular station when deleting and rebuilding a connected track
- Fixed a train station building graphic glitch
- Fixed issue where cargo items at truck stations not merging in 10 item groups
- Fixed issue when building stations or depots leading to short game freeze
- Fixed missing paths at train station main entrance
- Fixed ship jumping when docked at terminus dock
- Fixed UI playing many sound effects at once
- Fixed industries and streets showing incorrect costs (map editor)
- Fixed streets incorrectly having maintenance costs (map editor)
- Fixed construction menu filter button list not scrollable (modding)
- Fixed only four track types limitation within the rail station construction (modding)
- Fixed vehicle maintenance costs when interval is non-default (modding)
- Fixed module menu parameters not scrollable (modding)
- Fixed ships virgo, herkules_xi, dunara_castle and zoroaster not being big ships
- Fixed bounding volume of certain dock models
- Fixed lanes for cargo harbor main building
- Fixed texture error for Asian tram lvs_86
- [Campaign] Fixed a crash in mission 9 when attempting to modify a rail depot
- [Campaign] Fixed mission 11 progress counter
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Changelog for Patch 28246 (March 10, 2020) (copied over from Steam for the time being, since the release is here, but the changelog isn't yet)

- Fixed harbor crash caused by docks allowed to be built over other docks
- Fixed system-specific crash/freeze occurring randomly or when opening managers
- Fixed OpenGL error on certain Intel HD Graphics chipsets
- Fixed flickering issue on certain AMD graphics cards (e.g. RX 5500 or 5700)
- Fixed crash when setting camera underground (modding)
- Fixed railroad crossing types not visible (modding)
- Improved construction menu filter icons layout (modding)
high rated
Changelog for Patch 28271 (March 16, 2020) (copied over from Steam for the time being, since the release is here, but the changelog isn't yet)

- Fixed sporadic crash on certain systems with NVIDIA graphics
- Fixed terrain flickering on certain older AMD graphics cards (e.g. Radeon HD 5000 series)
- Fixed tunnel entry graphic bug
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Changelog for Patch 29433 (25 June 2020)

- Fixed error messages without file name in certain cases
- [Modding] Fixed scripting interface details
- [Campaign] Fixed crash in mission 14

Changelog for Patch 29426 (25 June 2020)

- [Campaign] Fixed crash in mission 18

Changelog for Patch 29416 (24 June 2020)

- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added functions in "api.gui"
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added functions "getBuild##### Patch" and "getBuildPrefix"
- [Modding] Improved console auto-completion (now case-insensitive)
- [Modding] Improved error message when certain files are corrupted
- Fixed crash in module mode
- [Modding] Fixed "debugPrint" function sometimes not working properly
- [Campaign] Fixed crash in missions 11 and 17 (when industry upgrades)

Changelog for Patch 29372 (22 June 2020)

- Fixed module mode bulldozer crash

Changelog for Patch 29372 (22 June 2020)

- [Campaign] Fixed mission 9 crash when configuring pre-built stations

Changelog for Patch 29372 (22 June 2020)

- [Campaign] Fixed mission 2 signals not detected bug

Changelog for Patch 29372 (22 June 2020)

- Added suspension bridge type
- Added mod info to load game dialog
- Added in-game language selection
- Added difficulty selection to load game dialog
- Added save game progress bar when saving manually
- Added vehicle lifetime warning behavior to settings
- [Modding] Added reworked scripting interface
- [Modding] Added new gui interface
- [Modding] Added in-game console for Lua scripting: press "`" to open (keyboard top left corner key)
- [Modding] Added vehicle custom cargo models: example[]
- [Modding] Added support for dynamic game resources
- [Modding] Added per savegame mod settings: example[]
- [Modding] Added possibility to mod localizations into new languages
- [Modding] Added new stage for mod loading (see postRunFn in base_mod.lua)
- [Modding] Added feature to add/remove other modules when a module is built
- [Modding] Added user-definable maximum slope and minimum radius to track type
- [Modding] Added customizable factors for train acceleration/deceleration
- [Modding] Added factors to control calculated costs and maintenance
- [Modding] Added user-definable probability of recomputation of person destinations (experimental)
- [Model editor] Added mesh highlighting feature
- [Model editor] Added label preview feature
- [Model editor] Added markers for seats, cargo bays, particle systems, labels, ship water lines and cargo slots
- [Model editor] Added light rotation feature
- [Model editor] Added import support for bounding info and labels
- [Model editor] Added transform editing
- [Model editor] Added marker for current file in open dialog and show in window title
- [Model editor] Added slider for vehicle age
- [Model editor] Added triangle count label
- Improved simulation performance
- Improved game speed throttling to prevent excessive stuttering
- Improved error handling: show a message box for all types of crashes
- Improved error handling: generally display as much information as possible
- Improved error handling: display mod and file name when possible
- Improved keyboard shortcuts: now possible to use Shift/Ctrl/Alt
- Improved keyboard shortcuts: show key bindings in tool tips
- Improved keyboard shortcuts: added more commands (construction menu)
- Improved settings menu: show warning in case of duplicate key bindings
- Improved settings menu: added button pointing to "userdata" folder
- Improved vehicle store: show whether reversible or not
- Improved airport: landing lights module now automatically removes opposite lights
- Improved vehicle replace and edit window: handling of selection change
- Improved railway crossing barriers animation: open earlier
- Improved quality of French, Spanish and Polish translation
- [Modding] Improved modular rail station: support for modded tracks
- [Modding] Improved error handling: show complete file name on error
- [Modding] Improved error handling while building a construction (don't crash)
- [Modding] Improved missing resource handling: generally better error message
- [Modding] Improved missing resource handling: for constructions and modules
- [Modding] Improved missing resource handling: for removed ground textures
- [Modding] Improved missing resource handling: check for corrupted meshes
- [Modding] Improved module construction menu when having a lot of categories
- [Modding] Improved railroad crossing list scrollbar
- [Model editor] Improved error handling
- [Model editor] Improved metadata editor stability
- [Model editor] Improved windows usability
- [Model editor] Improved initial values of materials
- [Model editor] (Re-)Added gui/website screenshot buttons
- Fixed tree highlighting in module mode
- Fixed asset builder rotation not reset
- Fixed airport landing lights hover selection
- Fixed rare crash with charts
- Fixed keyboard shortcut for street modifier
- Fixed cargo train station and cargo harbor sound sets
- Fixed random crash in module mode
- Fixed random crash caused by pathfinder
- Fixed crash with bulldozer refund when building streets
- Fixed crash with missing station or depot name
- Fixed rare crash in main menu when adding or removing mods
- Fixed rare crash with disappearing construction in module build mode
- Fixed train axles and rods not animated anymore after some distance
- Fixed industry displays transported -100% value bug
- Fixed shipping value could exceed production limit bug
- Fixed straight and curved buttons showing up in track menu bug
- Fixed module builder tree highlighting artifacts
- Fixed vehicle store window layout problems such as label centering
- Fixed a bug which caused the names of industries to be reset after upgrade
- Fixed vehicles driving with open doors bug
- Fixed a bug where vehicles leave stations too early without picking up all cargo
- Fixed aircraft jumping on airports which are built below zero altitude
- Fixed water texture not being placed at the correct height when level was changed
- Fixed rendering timers bug resulting in incorrect values for average timings
- Fixed street build mode invalidate when clicking parameter list
- Fixed module builder mode shows line and vehicle statistics buttons
- Fixed burnt pixels problem on certain AMD Radeon cards (e.g. RX 5700)
- Fixed reversible configuration of multiple trains
- Fixed Dunara Castle ship having two drivers
- Fixed ES1 Lastochka tail lights
- Fixed Zuhai GTQ diesel sound
- Fixed Bombardier DHC-8-402PF animation details
- [Modding] Fixed asset categories case-sensitivity issue
- [Modding] Fixed crash with compartments without load configurations
- [Modding] Fixed vehicle label not being shown when vehicle had no seats bug
- [Model editor] Fixed tangents/normals display for skinned materials
- [Model editor] Fixed fbx importer (wrong tangents for skinned materials)
- [Model editor] Fixed track ballast material
- [Model editor] Fixed crash when opening model with no bounding info
- [Model editor] Fixed animation loop button when closing file
- [Model editor] Fixed screenshot feature: reactivated 3D screenshots
- [Model editor] Fixed metadata merging: particle system overwritten
- [Model editor] Fixed crew appearing as passengers
- [Model editor] Fixed refresh issues with passengers and cargo preview
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Changelog for Patch 29485 (6 July 2020) (copied over from Steam for the time being, since the release is here, but the changelog isn't yet)

- Improved error handling of missing modules
- Improved error handling of missing cargo slot provider models
- Improved model error messages: show filename and mod info more often
- Fixed crash when trying to load tga textures with very long paths names
- Fixed crash occuring when grouped bus stops were on different streets
- [Modding] Improved user interface identifiers: added identifiers to more elements
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added more for each functions to engine systems
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added more util check functions for entitiess
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added more Connection results to user interface callbacks
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added more user interface components
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added missing types for certain commands
- [Modding] Fixed behaviour of construction parameters: custom module data kept consistent after configuring modules
- [Modding] Fixed crash due to legacy models not using the "animation" metadata key of "seatProvider"
- [Modding] Fixed inability to mod style sheets: style sheets can now be modded
- [Modding] Fixed inability to override functions in constructions in "postRunFn"
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Changelog for Patch 29596 (20 July 2020) (copied over from Steam for the time being, since the release is here, but the changelog isn't yet)

- Improved various error messages
- [Modding] Improved style sheet moddability: reload with <Alt Gr> + <R>
- [Modding] Improved street type moddability: added user-definable maximum slope
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: improved types necessary for using api.type.LineVehicleInfo
- [Modding] Improved vehicle transformation moddability: added "upright" flag (example)
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added api.type.LineVehicleInfo
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added idAdded callback in guiHandleEvent function
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: improved api.gui.comp.List interface
- [Modding] Improved scripting interface: improved api.type.JournalEntry
- Fixed crash during loading with missing vehicles in multiple unit configurations
- Fixed rare crash with ship lines
- Fixed rare crash with selection tooltip
- Fixed rare crash when activating land use layer in combination with certain mods
- Fixed issue with some sound sources not audible
- Fixed bridge construction preview
- Fixed bridge end lanes
- Fixed invalid texture format error message
- Fixed construction parameters paramX and paramY being lost when upgrading a construction
- [Modding] Fixed crash with progress bar update when used under certain situations
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Changelog for Patch 31895 (23 February 2021) (copied over from their own website for the time being, since the release is here, but the changelog isn't yet)

- Added operating system support (MacOS)
- Added Vulkan graphics API support
- Added option to switch between OpenGL and Vulkan (Windows/Linux)
- Added fallback switch to OpenGL if Vulkan extension is missing in graphics card driver
- Added cable-stayed bridge type
- Added option to toggle vsync in graphics settings
- Added option to adjust keyboard camera control speed
- Modding Added parallel support for new shaders provided in res/shaders2 and legacy shaders in res/shaders for older game versions
- Improved rendering performance in general
- Improved rendering performance for UI and animated or skinned models
- Improved CPU rendering performance on Vulkan and OpenGL
- Improved memory management for terrain textures
- Improved tga compression performance and stability
- Improved error messages when texture loading fails
- Improved error messages when terrain textures are faulty
- Improved UI cargo options for unload only stations: Disabled load options
- Improved iron, cement and stone bridges using skinned materials to remove gaps
- Improved handling of strings exceeding name fields
- Improved mouse pointer position on fullscreen startup
- Improved screen resolution selection: Added 5120×1440 fullscreen resolution option to support ultrawide curved monitors
- Improved key binding options: Allow binding of Cmd/Win keys like Ctrl, Shift and Alt
- Improved key binding options: Do not allow binding of already hardcoded bind arrow keys
- Improved key binding in cockpit camera
- Improved zoom smoothness with keyboard
- Improved speeds for camera control with keyboard
- Improved render and simulation timing debug information layout
- Improved debug functionality: Added settings.lua property “graphicalDeviceOverride” to manually force graphic card selection
- Modding Improved scripting interface: Added missing street type properties to api.type.StreetType
- Modding Improved scripting interface: Added missing track type properties to api.type.TrackType
- Modding Improved scripting interface: Added terminal type properties to api.type.Terminal
- Fixed multiple crashes caused by invalid construction scripts from mods
- Fixed multiple issues (crashes and rendering glitches) when username or path contain multibyte UTF-8 characters
- Fixed crash related to stylesheets and in-game console on return to main menu
- Fixed crash of stock list update helper when cargo rule changes
- Fixed crashes caused by invalid indices of dropdown construction parameters
- Fixed game stops responding when exiting game and shader_cache is corrupted
- Fixed workshop mod textures cached in wrong directory
- Fixed rendering of skybox in entity windows, e.g. vehicle windows
- Fixed rendering of reflection in screenshots
- Fixed rendering of catchment areas for certain modded stations
- Fixed camera control keys not working anymore when using menus
- Fixed camera control keys not working anymore when popups appear
- Fixed camera control keys not working anymore when Alt key is pressed
- Fixed continuous camera movement when pause menu is opened with Win/Cmd+Q or Win/Cmd+W
- Fixed cockpit camera control keys not working anymore when pause menu is opened
- Fixed terrain tool shortcut handling
- Fixed creation of slow train track segments
- Fixed slow down of trains caused by incorrect train segment reservation
- Fixed streets with upright trash cans and fireplugs
- Fixed use of suspension and cable-stayed bridges in map generation
- Fixed unloading/loading of cargo on same line to destination
- Fixed allocation of cargo to lines in some rare cases
- Fixed “Modify for” price handling
- Fixed line numbers displayed twice
- Fixed window resizing: Prevent windows from being shrunk away
- Fixed terminal column width in station window
- Fixed too long line and station names breaking table layouts in line manager
- Fixed multiple UI issues related to interface scaling
- Fixed missing UI elements with AMD Driver version 20.12.1
- Fixed integer overflow in vehicle buy window
- Fixed cursor positioning in in-game console after use of autocompletion
- Fixed scroll positioning in text input fields
- Fixed missing and faulty localization of certain strings
- Fixed music volume spike at end of loading screen when starting a mission
- Fixed value difference in headquarters statistics and status line
- Fixed swapped values for real estate / vehicles in headquarters window
- Fixed statistic logs and diagram calculations
- Campaign Fixed campaign menu continue button
- Campaign Fixed “Campaign Tycoon” achievement conditions
- Campaign Fixed terrain alignment of log depot in mission 1
- Campaign Fixed camera rotation detection in mission 1
- Campaign Fixed rail buildings filter in mission 2
- Campaign Fixed incorrect train station name in mission 10
- Campaign Fixed missing localization of options in mission 11
- Campaign Fixed bulldozing protection for Palma hotel in mission 12
- Campaign Fixed location link and spelling mistake in mission 16
- Modding Fixed memory leak when using api.gui.comp.List
- Modding Fixed broken api.gui.util.downcast
- Modding Fixed api.gui.comp.addStyleClass when inserting duplicate entries
- Model Editor Fixed scroll positioning in text input fields
- Model Editor Fixed rare crashes on fbx import related to texture desc
- Model Editor Fixed crash when browsing in file menus (MacOS, Linux)
- Removed libstdc++ library from working directory: Added backup in 'redist\linux\extra' (Linux)
- Removed in-game changing of multisampling graphics setting

N.B. There's already a version 31921 with "Improved fallback to OpenGL for GPUs which do not support Vulkan", but that version isn't available here on gog yet. Might be worth waiting with downloading 31895 if you have such a GPU.
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gogtrial34987: N.B. There's already a version 31921 with "Improved fallback to OpenGL for GPUs which do not support Vulkan", but that version isn't available here on gog yet. Might be worth waiting with downloading 31895 if you have such a GPU.
Version 31921 is here now as well.
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Keep an eye out for V-31975 here on GoG, released March 1.

Improved fallback to OpenGL in case Vulkan is unsupported/fails to start
Improved crash dump data quality for video driver crashes
Improved peak video RAM usage on game load
Fixed Vulkan device lost crashes on Intel UHD graphics cards with old drivers by deactivating blur filter
Fixed skybox visible in front of terrain on Intel UHD graphics cards
Fixed non-clipped UI backgrounds when using blur effect
Fixed missing progress visualization for industry levels
Fixed wrong initialization of keyboard camera control speeds
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31983 released on Steam March 3.

Improved hint positioning for construction rotation.
Improved settings name for camera movement with keyboard.
Improved fallback to OpenGL if Vulkan is not supported.
Improved rendering stability.
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That version 31983 is now released on gog for Linux and Mac, while Windows has jumped ahead to 31994. See the above two messages for 31983 release notes.

Changelog for Patch 31994 (05 March 2021)

- Fixed device loss crashes on amd graphic cards
- [Modding] Added invokeLater and destroyLater function to gui scripting interface