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Changelog for Update GOG-3 (Windows) / GOG-3 (Mac) (added 08 November 2016):

- We've updated the game with a localization fix for the Russian and French versions of the game.
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Changelog for Patch 11908 / GOG-4 (Winows and Mac) / GOG-3 (Linux) (added 16 November 2016):

- Fixed crash on Intel HD Graphics 520 and 530
- Fixed black terrain bug
- Fixed wrong initial language bug
- Fixed a town growth crash
- Fixed an America mission 2 crash
- Fixed restricted mouse cursor movement bug
- Fixed ship set line crash
- Fixed experimental map sizes crash
- Fixed Man SL 192 bus crash on Intel HD Graphics
- Added main menu Intel HD Graphics warning
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Changelog for patches 12049 and 12070 / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-4 (Linux) (together added 25 November 2016):

Patch 12049

- Fixed crash when upgrading airport when a plane is taking off
- Fixed crash when bulldozing bus stop or signal
- Fixed crash when assigning vehicle color in line window
- Fixed crash when starting game and mods have been removed in the meantime
- Fixed crash when building streets/tracks
- Fixed crash when towns build new streets (end of month)
- Fixed crash when industry upgrades (end of month)
- Fixed crash when starting the game on some Linux systems with AMD graphics
- Fixed delay after game crashed
- Fixed catchment area preview
- Fixed track LOD flickering
- Fixed sorting in "set line" popup
- Fixed construction snapping to different street on upgrade
- Fixed jumping persons at terminals bug
- Fixed ship and aircraft stop position bug
- Fixed ship teleportation bug
- Fixed negative potential bug
- Fixed industry production dependent on frame rate bug
- Fixed aircraft catapult bug
- Fixed colored vehicle transparency bug
- Fixed DLC activation (modding)
- Fixed open wagon (USA) cargo load
- Fixed no-costs-mod (constructions now free too)
- Fixed various details in various missions
- Improved land use/catchment area rendering
- Improved terrain tool (brush size/strength)
- Improved modding support: modifier when loading construction "update function"
- Improved heightmap import: relaxed width/height constraints
- Improved various translation details
- Improved street/track builder: snap to straight
- Improved LODs for various vehicles
- Improved various texture details
- Improved ship/aircraft reverse button
- Added resolution change confirmation dialog
- Added maximum waiting time for full load (per line, 3 min default)
- Added warning for industries with full output stocks
- Added era-dependent music
- Added Chinese translations (credits go to DBG translation group, contact QQ group 384380227)

Patch 12070

- Fixed crash when loading certain save games
- Fixed crash when aircraft got stuck at airport runway
- Fixed warning for industries with full output stocks
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That was quick :)

Patch 12232 (21 December 2016)

Improved rendering performance
Improved simulation performance
Improved performance while building
Improved stability on Mac computers
Improved terrain tool
Improved performance of vehicle/station/line etc. tables
Improved vehicle window (show if refittable)
Improved GUI window positioning
Improved vehicle LODs
Improved main connections (removed industry main connections)
Improved save game GUI (progress bar)
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Posting the complete changelog for Patch 12232, partially mentioned by disi above.

Changelog for Patch 12232 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-5 (Linux) / GOG-8536 (Mac) (added 21 December 2016):

- Improved rendering performance
- Improved simulation performance
- Improved performance while building
- Improved stability on Mac computers
- Improved terrain tool
- Improved performance of vehicle/station/line etc. tables
- Improved vehicle window (show if refittable)
- Improved GUI window positioning
- Improved vehicle LODs
- Improved main connections (removed industry main connections)
- Improved save game GUI (progress bar)
- Improved bus/tram behavior in big towns
- Improved mouse cursor (fluent system mouse cursor)
- Improved ship motion (fewer slowdowns)
- Improved cargo simulation (reduced negative effects of overloaded stations)
- Improved cargo simulation (ship more items in certain cases)
- Improved Chinese translations
- Fixed wooden bridge bulldozing
- Fixed ships not finding path to depot, or not going to closest depot
- Fixed automatic vehicle replacement (unload cargo first)
- Fixed line manager "visible only" for air/water lines
- Fixed crash when building tracks
- Fixed crash when initializing game with experimental map size
- Fixed mod vehicles not showing up in USA scenario
- Fixed main connection warnings showing up even if disabled in base config
- Fixed a bug which caused towns to grow too fast (applies to new games only)
- Fixed harbor placement when snapping to street
- Fixed ships (removed crude/oil/fuel from non-tankers)
- Fixed various building LODs

And the Mac version got updated from GOG-8536 (v.12232) to GOG-8539 (v.12238) today. No changelog.
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Changelog for Patch 12737 / GOG-7 (Windows) / GOG-6 (Linux) / GOG-? (Mac) (added 31 March 2017):

- Added replace-vehicles-now feature in line and vehicle window
- Added double slip switches
- Added track speed layer
- Added street traffic layer
- Added zoom-to-cursor option
- Added names for persons
- Added vehicle cargo weight simulation (applies in new games only)
- Added Italian, Portuguese and Ukrainian translations
- Added map seed text to savegame and console
- Added camera recording tool (debug mode only)
- Added debug mode switch to settings menu
- Added menu option for hardware cursor
- Added base config setting to earn achievements with mods enabled
- Added speedLimit parameter for lane lists (modding)
- Added terminal connectivity test to verify constructions (modding)
- Added "catenaryPoleDistance" setting to track type config (modding)
- Added "getGameDifficulty" to scripting interface (modding)
- Added logos for all vehicles (content)
- Added level of detail models for all vehicles (content)
- Improved savegame loading time
- Improved RAM consumption
- Improved general performance
- Improved line window (stop list, load mode, vehicles and replacement tab)
- Improved vehicle window (send to depots and sell, details tab, replace now)
- Improved line manager (icons, tooltips)
- Improved line assign pop up (new line button on top, show visible lines only)
- Improved traffic simulation (player road vehicles have more priority)
- Improved person/vehicle interaction
- Improved music volume (lower volume possible)
- Improved camera panning (perspective panning)
- Improved translations (some text was not translated)
- Improved aircraft movement (smaller turn radius etc.)
- Improved aircraft approach/landing and air traffic control
- Improved balancing in some missions
- Improved cargo sorting for data tables
- Improved map generation when "makeInitialStreets" is false
- Improved GUI scrolling: handle arrow keys, page up/down, home/end
- Improved Lua error handling
- Improved stability on Mac computers
- Fixed train brake bug
- Fixed late game mid-month lags
- Fixed train driving through other train after automatic vehicle replacement
- Fixed production behavior of industries with multiple output products
- Fixed street upgrade crash (occurred with some mods with through-streets)
- Fixed achievements not earned after mission complete
- Fixed delay when vehicle 100% loaded
- Fixed multi-cargo load/unload delay bug
- Fixed language error aircrafts to aircraft
- Fixed age not reset on vehicle clone
- Fixed credits button not clickable bug
- Fixed station table sort/filter by cargo
- Fixed streets blocking industries in map generation
- Fixed wrong resolution bug on Mac computers
- Fixed Steam overlay on Mac computers
- Fixed Ctrl-Tab on Mac computers
- Fixed Alt-Enter on Mac computers
- Fixed platform orientation of modern rail station (content)
- Fixed rail stone bridge gaps between pillars and railing (content)
- Fixed modern bus/tram station catenary and lanes (content)
- Fixed lowest level of detail model of characters (content)
- Fixed vehicle models details of ge_p42_dc, br_e94 and Nohab (content)
- Fixed train car door sounds (content)
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Changelog for patch 12763 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 05 April 2017):

- Fixed rare crash when industry upgrades (during campaign missions)
- Fixed rare crash when selecting vehicles tab in line window
- Fixed rare crash when removing stops from a line
- Fixed keyboard scrolling in "Buy vehicles" dialog
- Fixed construction parameter list not scrollable
- Fixed medal "Large crowds" in USA mission 04
- Improved French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese translations
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Build 13482 (July 26)

Added explicit terminal/track selection feature
Added street waypoint feature
Added multiple cargo compartments per vehicle feature (ships)
Added new line station load mode: unload only
Added confirmation dialog when bulldozing large structures
Added terrain cut feature (proper tunnels)
Added vehicle icon coloring feature (icons show actual vehicle color)
Added warning when no path can be found connecting all stops of a line
Added embankment slope property to street/track types
Added maintenance cost property to track/bridge/tunnel types
Added lightScale property to emissive material (use with ordinary dds/tga textures)
Added proper application icon
Improved people/cargo consistency: don't disappear on station upgrade
Improved people/cargo consistency: don't disappear on street modification
Improved people/cargo consistency: walk/drive home if a path no longer exists
Improved terrain alignment collision handling: less collisions on station upgrade
Improved terrain alignment collision handling: less collisions on street modification
Improved street/track construction menu (incl. magic wand for tracks)
Improved overview tab in station window
Improved tunnel portals and interior geometry
Improved resource consistency (add new content like street types to existing game)
Improved industry order for small maps
Improved vehicle store
Improved text input fields: text selection
Improved user interface: added sliders in various places
Improved signal/waypoint window
Improved vehicle/line coloring: new vehicles adopt color of existing line vehicles
Improved construction parameter layout: automatic line break if too wide
Improved error handling when model/group files contain invalid events
Improved list keyboard navigation: press letter (A,B,C..) to jump to item
Improved modding support: terrain and town parameters in base config
Improved usability: suggest name in savegame dialog
Improved mod selection dialog
Fixed vehicle logic: always send non-train cargo vehicles to first stop
Fixed rail discontinuity in double slip switch
Fixed task cannot be completed after medal in mission EU02
Fixed sunken ship smoke in mission EU03
Fixed details in mission EU05
Fixed cargo load indicators not working for trams, ships and aircraft
Fixed save game dialog overwrite without confirmation in rare cases
Fixed transparent tunnel profile for parallel track case
Fixed crash when upgrading a street without car lanes
Fixed crash when bulldozing constructions without models (e.g. streets only)
Fixed crash when building a bus stop on a street without car lanes
Fixed crash when encountering certain Unicode characters
Fixed end-of-month crash when towns are very close
Fixed vehicle/line coloring when vehicle gets auto-replaced
Fixed wooden bridge crossing
Fixed several station colliders
Fixed constructions with type "asset" not bulldozable
Fixed freeze when following a person walking over an invalid edge
Fixed wrong terrain alignment after bulldozing streets or tracks
Fixed distorted construction ground textures (non-loop stroke)
Fixed open/close door sounds not played for ships and aircraft

Die Highlights:

Personen und Fahrzeuge, die bei Strassen- und Stations-Umbauten nicht mehr verschwinden
Linien können spezifischen Plattformen von Stationen zugewiesen werden
Weniger Kollisionen dank verbesserter Geländeangleichung
Schiffe können verschiedene Warentypen gleichzeitig transportieren
Für Tunnels werden nun richtige Löcher in die Landschaft geschnitten, was es erlaubt durch diese hindurch zu sehen
Wegpunkte für Strassenfahrzeuge
Eine “Nur ausladen”-Option im Fahrplan-Menu des Linien-Fensters
Eingefärbte Fahrzeug-Symbole im Linienmanager
Ein Bestätigungsdialog, wenn große Strukturen abgerissen werden
Zeilenumbruch bei vielen Konstruktionsparametern
Viele zusätzliche Verbesserungen, Fehlerbeseitigungen und Modding-Optionen
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Build 13505 (July 27)

Fixed crash instead of error message in some cases when resources are missing
Fixed rare crash when building a bus stop
Fixed rare random crash while building
Fixed town building terrain alignment
Fixed terrain alignment issues when upgrading constructions
Fixed tunnel terrain alignment issues
Fixed Steam Lorry animation issues
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Convenience-Patch (Build 14085) - (November 2) FINAL veröffentlicht: 02.11.2017

Das Team von Urban Games freut sich sehr darüber, heute endlich den Convenience-Patch zu veröffentlichen! Der Patch steigert das Spielerlebnis mit einer Reihe von Verbesserungen in der Bedienung.


Die Highlights:

- Skalierbare Nutzeroberfläche
- Voll funktionsfähige Scroll-Balken
- Überarbeiteter Dialog für die Mod-Verwaltung
- Komfortablere Auto-Save Funktion
- Übersichtlicheres Einstellungsmenü
- Optimiertes Verhalten von Zügen
- Neue Warnmeldung bei blockierten Zügen
- Bessere Darstellung beim Bauen von Oberleitung
- Mehrere Probleme beim Modding gelöst
- Diverse Fehlerbeseitigungen

Die vollständigen Release-Notes befinden sich hier und alle Details zum Patch, inklusive einem offiziellen Video, auf unserer Webseite:

Seid versichert, wir arbeiten bereits am nächsten Patch! Wie versprochen kann in naher Zukunft ein grosser Performance-Patch erwartet werden.

Build 14085 (November 2)

- Added user interface scaling feature
- Added fully-functional scrollbars
- Added completely reworked mod selection dialogs
- Added warning when trains are mutually blocked
- Added throughput rate column to line table
- Added option to not spawn certain industries on random maps (modding)
- Improved settings menu design
- Improved auto save functionality: save every x minutes
- Improved vehicle logic: always react when line path changes
- Improved vehicle logic: fixed inappropriate train reversing
- Improved catenary/high-speed layer visibility
- Improved bulldozer: bus stops on streets now bulldozable via HUD icon too
- Improved warning message when stations are not properly connected
- Improved town charts when date range is very large
- Improved finances window: maximal loan is now shown and buttons gray out
- Improved town growth: big towns more dependent on cargo supply (new games)
- Improved town cargo handling: support for cargo production (modding)
- Fixed depot not upgradeable when containing vehicles
- Fixed a bug which caused cargo items to travel "loops"
- Fixed incorrect industry upgrade announcement
- Fixed vehicles ignoring waiting cargo with "Full load (any)"
- Fixed buses/trucks not following the official line path when using waypoints
- Fixed rare bug that caused industries to lose station catchment area after upgrade
- Fixed rare crash when building or demolishing streets
- Fixed rare crash during new game initialization
- Fixed enter key not working in confirmation dialogs
- Fixed stop numbers in vehicle and station window
- Fixed street/track geometry "holes"
- Fixed terrain alignment "rays" when building streets/tracks
- Fixed missing error message when construction files are not found
- Fixed Class 9000 light placement
- Fixed invalid industry warning when using non-standard date speed
- Fixed smoke texture artifacts
- Fixed terrain alignment for canal in mission US03
- Fixed vehicle color blend masks not working for mods (modding)
- Fixed load indicator not working with multiple compartments (modding)
- Fixed several town cargo production issues (modding)
- Fixed bulldozer costs with no-cost mod enabled (modding)
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Thx but I'm still seeing the last patch in my downloads - when will this new one be available?
Post edited November 02, 2017 by MajorPayne5811
When the new version is released, the speed of GOG.

GOG should already have received the update from UG, at the same time as Steam.

Translated with Google.
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Ulf2016: When the new version is released, the speed of GOG.

GOG should already have received the update from UG, at the same time as Steam.

Translated with Google.
Got it now.

Thx UG!
@MajorPayne8511: Update is online now.
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Mac-Patch und weitere Schritte - Build 14485 (12. Februar - tomdotio)

Heute haben wir einen Patch veröffentlicht. Dieser behebt Probleme, die bei der neusten Version von macOS High Sierra aufgetreten sind. Zudem wollen wir euch weitere Informationen zum kommenden Performance-Patch geben.

Der Patch für macOS behebt zwei Probleme. Zum einen konnte das Spiel auf High Sierra Systemen mit NVIDIA-Grafikkarten beim Start manchmal einfrieren. Zum anderen gab es einen Bug, der Lags beim Bau von Gleisen und Strassen verursacht hat. Der Patch wurde auf Steam und GOG bereits veröffentlicht und ist auch bald im Mac App Store verfügbar.

Wie bereits angekündigt, stellen wir zur Zeit den kommenden Performance-Patch fertig, der das Spielerlebnis wesentlich verbessern soll. Die Entwicklung dieses Patches war (und ist immer noch) eine grosse Menge an Arbeit, aber wir sind zuversichtlich, dass euch das Ergebnis gefallen wird. Wir erwarten, dass der Patch im März zum Testen zur Verfügung steht.

Wir freuen uns sehr über den Erfolg und die Beliebtheit von Transport Fever. Es bietet uns die Möglichkeit, das Spiel weiterhin zu verbessern. Alles Gute vom gesamten Urban Games Team!


Mac patch and further steps - Build 14485 (February 12 - tomdotio)

Today we released a patch. This fixes issues that have occurred with the latest version of macOS High Sierra. We also want to give you more information about the upcoming performance patch.

The patch for macOS fixes two problems. For one thing, the game was sometimes able to freeze on high Sierra systems with NVIDIA graphics cards at launch. On the other hand, there was a bug that caused Lags to build tracks and roads. The patch has already been released on Steam and GOG and will soon be available on the Mac App Store.

As previously announced, we are currently finalizing the upcoming performance patch designed to dramatically improve the gaming experience. Developing this patch has been (and still is) a lot of work, but we are confident that you will like the result. We expect the patch to be available for testing in March.

We are very excited about the success and popularity of Transport Fever. It gives us the opportunity to continue to improve the game. All the best from the entire Urban Games team!

Translated with Google.
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