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Cant run the game, without it pops up with a "Towerfall Ascension has stopped working" message right away.

I am trying to run the game on Windows 7 pro 64 bit.

Anyone else got this problem?
Yep, I have the same issue. Seems to come from Kernelbase.dll, but I have not found a solution to the crash yet...
Yes, thats what my error says as well. I hope someone finds a solution. I have played this game a lot on my Ouya, but the expansion does not exist on the Ouya as far as I know. Would be nice to try it.
I have a similar issue: the game doesn't launch when I start it, either throug Galaxy or directly. It starts on my desktop though, the issue is on the laptop.
FYI, my problem was fixed: I just had to reinstall the xna framework that's found in the redist folder. (thanks Steam for the info :P)
Running that XNA installation in the redist folder made TowerFall stop crashing as well :) Thanks for the information.

Very strange that it seems so hard to find that this is needed. Usually such issues turns up with a simple Google search, but certainly not this time. They ought to make it clear that there are important things to install in the redist folder. Using Steam you get used to these things getting installed automatically when you try to run the game the first time.