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My display has the exotic native resolution of 1400px*1050px and I'm having troubles to play the game in full screen mode without having the fonts blurred.

Since the game doesn't support this resolution, I had to choose the next lower one. This however does not result in black bars on the sides, but in a scaled up version (rendered in 1366px and scaled up to 1400px). This results in very blurry fonts.

Is there any way to change this? I tried to change the game resolution directly in the registry, but the game won't use my native resolution. I also used the settings of my Nvidia graphics card to force a different scaling mode but the game ignores this setting (screenshot attached). I must admit that I can't really understand why a 3D game supports only some specific resolutions. Shouldn't be a problem to add black bars to anything that doesn't match the required aspect ratio.

System: Windows 7, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, Samsung SyncMaster 203B
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Under Linux there is a file called "prefs" in the player profile folder, which also contains the resolution values. I could also set these values for my atypical resolution and it works.

Maybe the Windows version of the game also contains this "prefs" file, or a similar INI file.
The Windows version just keeps the savegames in the player folder. The resolution in the registry is resetted after every start and I also didn't found any editable file with the supported resolutions. Ended up playing the game on my TV screen.