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Hi all,

We have uploaded a new installer for Tower of Guns that will update your game to version 1.21. Please download the new installer at your earliest convenience in order to have the latest and greatest version of the game :)



Bug Fix: added a unduck check, tilt check, jump prohibit check, physics
check, and a speed failsafe to cinematics to combat a major speed wiping
bug on an endless mode loop.
Art fix: added an glowy oblivion plane to L11 in case the player looks
backwards in the final tunnel
Optimization: Lowered cap on number of SFX pickups sounds that can be
played at once
Bug Fix: fixed that dang cartesian lattice bug, which actually ended up
being a much more severe bug that I’m surprised hasnt reared its head in
uglier places…OR MAYBE IT HAS ORLY
Art, Pop, and Collision Fixes in l2r2b19, l6r4b, l6r2b2, l3r3b3b5
Bug Fix: Fixed Stories: For some people (those who bought the game in
the last month) random dialog/plots didn't work! For everyone else, you
probably never noticed this bug.
Bug Fix: Adjusted near clip plane, which fixes many near collision
issues, but potentially causes zfighting with long-distance views. Not
sure if I prefer this way over the other way.
Bug Fix: Fixed delay on end animatic chain flythrough
Bug Fix: Adjusted pipeorgan lootspawnoffset to accomodate clobbered loot
Bug Fix: Fixed door gate mechanism in togodrome
Console Cheat: Added cheat "Tog_ImLame stupidspeedbug". Those of you who
have seen that endless-mode speed=0 loop bug, it *should* be fixed for
you now. But just in case, I added this code to increment player speed
by 2 with each use, so that way you won't lose a good run to this bug
if, for some reason, it still pops up for you. This was a damn tricky
bug, and I'm not confident my solutions was infallible.


Added a console command to toggle the hud for screenshots (togglehud)
added a couple of interesting new surprises to diceroll mode
fixed a major, though very hard to reproduce, issue with pausing and
tilting at the same time
alleviated the vanishing boss items issue a bit STILL might not
be solved completely, but it should be getting pretty rare now.
fixed a few other minor gaps, collision bugs and typos people pointed
added a console only mode called "Hot Foot Mode"--it's not a fully
mature mode, but like "Backwards Mode", is a fun way to waste an hour or
two. In short, the mode is like this: you have unlimited jumps. But
*every* time you land you take damage. Goodluck. It's mostly for those
youtubers who like to play ToG in silly ways. The console command for
Hot Foot Mode is "TOG_imlame hotfoot".

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Has anyone tried the latest v1.21 patch to make sure the game initialization errors were fixed?