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I got it for $25 during the BTIV Kickstarter...;) But this OP is the guy who recently asked in another thread if the game was any good, so apparently he doesn't own it, yet. If he can't say why it's worth $15 then apparently he spoke before thinking, imo...;)

I have yet to finish the game so I can't say what I think it's worth. Looks good so far, and I hope to see some technical stuff taken care of by the devs as time goes on.
low rated
nick187: You need to calm down !
You appear to have a chip on your shoulder and a dog in the fight.
I would advise you not to get emotionally entangled in such discussions.
I am not going to give you any reason why I feel the price is high, because you are simply not a party concerned with these matters.
Good day.
mystral: If you're not interested in giving reasons, or actually discussing why you feel the game would only be worth 15$, why would you start a thread about it? Other than trolling, I mean?

My bad for feeding an obvious troll...
You are barking at the wrong tree.
You are the troll, clamoring for attention.
Please stop harassing me, or I will be forced to report your the Mods.
nick187: Just my 2 cents.
Agree. As a 40$-tier backer i feel myself being fooled by a band of frauds.
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