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I'm at the very beginning of the game; I've just exited the place where we're born and entered the Reef. Four thugs come up and ominous music plays, and I get a conversation box with someone named Qorro. At the bottom of the conversation box is "Show More," but clicking on that does absolutely nothing. The conversation doesn't advance, and whatever confrontation we're about to have doesn't progress.

I'm playing on Windows 8.

The weird thing is that I beta-tested the game, and I was able to get a lot farther than this in the BETA version. :-(

Edited to add: I restored from save, and the same thing happened, so this time -- having read about major slow-downs in the forum -- I got out a book and waited five minutes. After five minutes, clicking "Show More" made the "Continue" button pop up, and I was able to resume playing.
Post edited March 11, 2017 by Corylea