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Alright, I don't know how many people actually care about this but maybe someone will be happy about it. If you have downloaded the official Torchlight 2 Soundtrack, either from the game's extras here on GOG or from the Runic Games blog (, you may have noticed that it is cut in a way that all the individual pieces are supposed to blend into one another seamlessly, as one continuous album. However, you may have struggled to actually listen to it like that, because you always hear a short pause between the tracks, impairing the listening experience. Apparently, they are encoded so that it is not possible to listen to them the way they are actually intended.

Of course, you could just buy the FLAC version of the album from Bandcamp (, which I assume is gapless. But if you don't want to pay more money for the soundtrack than you probably did for the game itself (depending on where and when you got it), there is another way: The free preview from the Bandcamp page. Not only can these files be played gaplessly (for example with iTunes) when downloaded, but according to their spectrograms they appear to have about the same quality as those from the official free download, even though the latter have a much higher bitrate. They may even sound a little better, but that's possibly subjective, and if you really need the best possible quality you'll have to get the FLAC version, anyway.

So, download the free preview files from Bandcamp, for example with the Video DownloadHelper extension for Firefox (, make sure to change the file extension from .mpeg to .mp3, and enjoy the soundtrack without gaps between the tracks. You can use mp3tag ( to copy the tags from the official Soundtrack into the files from Bandcamp and to rename them according to their track numbers and titles.
Or get bandcamp downloader, which has some neat additional features, like downloading other albums by the same artist automatically etc. That function would e. g. automatically also grab the soundtrack for Hob, which was made by the same artist in this case ;)

By the way, you can’t really see any quality difference betwee the 128 kb/s 44 kHz mp3 preview files on bandcamp and a 44 kHz FLAC file in a spectrogram.

Post edited October 22, 2018 by 4-vektor