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Blarg: I'm not sure on the range. I might try a crossbow character just to find out, though. My understanding from a bit of reading is that ranged weapons characters are so narrowly focused on DEX in T2 that they become poorly rounded, which sounds unattractive to me.
I've played a little farther and learned that there are lots of ways to increase the range on ranged weapons. Many weapons or other items have enchantments that do this, and the Outlander has a passive skill that increases range on all ranged weapons. I've got it to the point where my dual pistols (which have the lowest base range of any ranged weapon) can fire almost across the whole screen when zoomed out all the way. Since I don't want to use every available action skill, I've been able to spend some skill points on getting more range instead. It does mean that new equipment sometimes requires a choice between range or more damage or another advantage, however.

I haven't been focusing on DEX too much, although it's definitely my primary stat. But I'm still relatively early in the game.
Usually with my given stat points on a level up, I'll put two in DEX and split the others on STR and FOC, and sometimes VIT. I've been unable to use some items that have high VIT requirements, but I'm OK with that. I also have a very large bonus to DEX from my equipment.
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tinyE: It's none of my business but can I ask why?
Alexrd: Because when I buy a game, I don't like to be dependable of an internet connection and a third-party server in order to install and/or play it.
That's pretty much my point of view, too. I don't buy games that require things beyond my control to play them.
Both are great games ... and a STEAL at current prices.