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i just played torchlight in windowed mode so i can watch videos while playing, i was switching chars very frequently to set up my next run with the right items. When i switched from 2 item keepers back to the menu i realized my only char that had ancestors (7 in count) was just not there anymore.

I couldnt believe it and instantly switched to full screen and after looking through the list containing just around 15 characters with half of them retired several times and restarting the game too, i realized that one name of my item keepers is listed twice. I checked both, and they had tthe very exact list of items in the pet, invetory and personal stash except that one of them had the items i replaced, the last time i used this char.

Apparently my main char had been overwritten by one of my item keepers right before i replaced some items through the shared stash and relocated some others.

The only thing i remember that might have caused anything glitchlike, was that i accidentaly pulled the window size upwards. still i dont know what caused it.

What should i do?
If i cant recover my main char, which had the complete personal stash filled with unique weapons i honestly have to uninstall and never come back.

I hate save corruption.

I just checked if i have any safe file backups, but the last backup i have consists of just 7 SVT files while the current one has 19. I only have 16 characters, though. I broke the game and around 200 hours of playing seems wasted.
Please rescue me.