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ZivilSword: I just discovered that you cannot search for Torchlight on GOG’s webpage. The game is not listed under action nor RPG. It is not listed for Runic Games either.

Yes, you could try google, than you will be directed to the gamecard: – but still, just click on the publisher Runic Games: no results.

So, people who could be interested in Torchlight won’t find it on GOG when using the catalogue. Is this done on purpose, don’t you want to sale it (actively) anymore?
Apparently, we are having some technical problems related to some games not appearing in the catalog. None of them have been pulled from sale nor should they be, at least as far as I know at this time. We'll definitely look into this problem on Monday at the latest. Sorry for the inconvenience.
ZivilSword: Thank you for the explanation. I was just worried, maybe no one noticed. ;) Keep up the good work and enjoy the first weekend after the sales marathon.
The problem appears to be fixed as you can now type "torchlight" (without the quotes) into the Search bar and it appears :D.