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Hi just some thoughts that may or may not be taken seriously:

-Healers: I think maybe their range needs to be lowered. Or maybe just whiel they are moving their range should be l owered, then once they are standing still for 1-2 seconds their range increases?

The reasoning is I seee alot of rushes with t2 units where they tank so much u can't breach them cause the healers are behind. For example trenchmen chamelons...i see those spammed with healers in the back. Since they stealth after hitting and they tank so much, the healers can be safely placed behind them the whole time. I was trying to mow them down with badger and a bunch of dinosaur t1's and I could not kill a sngle one lol. I had to kite them with the badger and ended up retreating each time with the badger my only unit to survive.
IN the end my badger managed to killl ONE, then i gaveup and let them eat the badger.

Even if I'm running with t he badger or another t3, the healing is rly rly powerful on the birds. Its hard for anyone to knock them out when i got a minigun badger infront mowing things down. Its hard to flank in this game, but even if u do I can just mico the birds a little and you lose for splitting your forces generally..

I think its something that should be tweaked. Another option is capping the max healing rate per unit. So maybe cap it at 9 healers per unit and see what happens? SO if you have 20 healers touching 1 unit the other 11 are basically just there to take the place of any who die.

Another suggestion:
-Buff the skunks. those t2 skunks. They are supposed to counter t1 spam right? I never see it work tho....when I use them the enemy just rushes them, avoiding the aoe poison. Skunks only work if the enemy runs away basically. And why would they run away if I waste all this money on t2 units that only work if they run Its really just the fear factor that keeps that working....if u kno how they work they are bad tho. Would appreciate a guide/video showing me otherwise, I really do like the unit and the idea of them.

-I think owl should be buffed considerably, or its role re-examined. I always thought it was kind of a free unit spammmer, the units it spams are kinda like T1.5 (better than t1, not as good as t2). So my thoughts were its for mid-late games where food is more scarce and/or valuable. I don't see the point tho in investing that much money in it. The chances of a game lasting that long, that you otherwise coulda won earlier with a proper unit, is just unimaginable to me. I don't understand the role of owl, its pretty clear. Would appreciate a video showing how its supposed to be used. Otherwise I suggest making it the first unit to cost less than any other unit in its maybe half the cost of a normal t3 unit aka 90 food....can start testing at 120 food if u want to see what happens.

-Also I think ferrets (the artillery guys) SHOULDN"T be able to attack units, like raptors, from point blank range. I just found that really frustrating. I'm chasing down a ferret running away with 2 raptors....the ferret stops and just point blank blobs them with 2 attacks and they both ded. Ferrets are supposed to exist to counter and bomb structures, right? So they should be really strong against bunkering/turtling, but they need to be equally weak against something else. I also think they could be a little bit slower with their movement speed. They are also fairly tanky which i found confusing....or rather the combination of all the above factors alongside the tank = confusing.

What else.....
I think thats it. I don't have enough data to say "nerf dinosaur spam" or anything like that.

My wolf-badger strategy is powerful in the right situations but I get tons of counters still im working out, so I'm not advocating for its nerf as of yet.

Turrets maybe need to be loooked at? But I say that cautiously cause I still lose them to t1 rushes very easily even if they attack them head on. And there's generally a weak point if you defend with turrets that the enemy can exploit.....meaning u have to increase coverage and spam more become costly and sometimes unviable in that respect. perhaps there should be a small penalty for selling turrets even if they dont have damage done to them? like 10 food or something small. mbe. or mbe not, idk yet :)

enjoying the game. winning about 50-50 in steam crossplay. hope to learn more.
I upload videos of fun replays every now and then and any strategies. Check them out if you like:
This one is of the wolf-badger bunker strategy.
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