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There is no way to communicate with people online. There is no general lobby text function. THere is no custom game text function. There is no ingame text function. There is no voip integration. There is no chat wheel or anything at all for me to communicate with.

I can click and unclick ready to show I want to play immediately....thats all I've found so far.

No ingame text......I can live with. But no lobby text?!?!?!?!

Also is the friend list functions functional with the GOG version? I click it and I can't add people or anything. Do I have to type their names into GOG and find them then add them and they register ingame as a friend? I dont get it....
Assuming any of that works can we get a list of players going maybe? So we have people to play matches with!?!??

Is the friends list thing supported in the steam version? Can I use the steam overlay to communicate with people in the steam version???

I can't help but feel the GOG version I paid more money for is missing features the steam vesion has.

AND FINALLLY: HAS ANYONE WHO BOUGHT THROUGH GOG ABLE TO GET A REFUND? If so, what did you have to do? Did you rebuy on steam after? Tell me more!

I made a ticket requesting a refund for at least 3 pretty legit reasons. One of them being multiplayer (i.e. crossplay) promised and yet doesn't exist. I can understand them saying "no" given the site itself isn't at fault for this kinda stuff. But its my first gog game....and im might as well see what they say. I'd rebuy on steam if they do let me tho.
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There's no chat function on Steam version either. The custom game option will be coming to steam and gog in an update.
They made it so you can't chat to prevent trolling and toxic people, which isn't a particularly good idea.
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Flesh420.613: There's no chat function on Steam version either. The custom game option will be coming to steam and gog in an update.
They made it so you can't chat to prevent trolling and toxic people, which isn't a particularly good idea.
Custom game options coming in An update? seriously?

Is this an open beta or something? The game costs a premium and yet WE CAN"T PLAY IT AT ALL. I don't get why reviewers gave it such a free pass. Never would have bought it if I didn't watch 3 hours of total biscuit reviewing and streaming this thing......he said nothing but good things about it and downplayed and failed to mention its essentially a bad ps4 port or that it was incomplete and still in development.

Yet its a complete mess right now. Its fun. There is a great game here. Everything else is a mess a complete mess. Its a game I want to love, but it impeaches on all sensibilities.

Why isn't this early access on steam or something? This game strife I played through all of beta went live on steam one day and they didn't label it early access. And it had the words "beta" still all over the ui lol. They shipped it off as a finished product to generate extra sales by taking advantage of the steam frontpage (can make an appearance once as early access, then again as a shipped product). So they wanted to do that a few weeks in a row.....they released it as shipped to do so. And Yet it wasn't finished lol. I thought that was borderline criminal.
At least the game was playable though, it had the playable features shipped......

I hear even steam players are experiencing population decreases now and hard time getting ranked matches that aren't lagg fests. Everyone loves the game its getting great reviews that omit the real story. I love the game too! But I'm not about to let it have a free pass. Its unfinished. Don't buy unless you are aware of that.....
This is why we have "in development" and "early access" people who want to support good games can do so with full awareness of what they are paying for.
Otherwise you need to specifically label what doesn't exist in your game to date, and that it is coming soon. This needs to be done front and center on the product buy page.

As it stands its 25 bucks for 5 hours of singleplayer. Would be nice if the safeguard of the system, REVIEWERS/streamers actually did their job.....yet to see a single bad thing said about the game on the main media.

I wanna play the game! Gonna have to shelf it for another week. Realistically though I'm going to have to shelf it for a few months to 'hopefully' get what I expected to have at release.

How about a scenario editor? That would make me happy.
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Single-player is pretty replayable with skirmish. The only thing that was really falsely advertised was cross-play, which we still haven't received. I'm still finding ranked games, but no nearly as many as there would be with cross-play.
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They offered me a refund after explaining some of the points above. So if anyone else wants to do so, you can open a support ticket like I did and they'll offer you one if your nice about it and explain the above.

I've decided to wait a few more days though, see if they deliver on crossplay. If it gets delayed again.....I'm gonnna refund, since thats very much a "fool me three times" thiing.