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This is a thread for if you have a well thought out suggestion and argument to support it. A suggestion that is just, "I want more levels with Bellafide talking in them." is not a suggestion for this thread as it is not a suggestion that you might even care about in five minutes. Take some time, think over your idea, and keep it thoroughly detailed but concise.

QUICK CAMPAIGN LEVEL SELECT. Going through the levels in the campaign by walking around a large map, and only being able to get to other factions' campaigns through warping is extremely slow and artificially lengthens time you could be using to play the level. Once you've completed the campaign, there should be a fast level select menu you can use without having to run around.
TEXT CHAT IN LOBBIES. I don't think I have to write much about this. A simple chat with your opponents and team members before and after a match would be nice to have.

SIMPLIFIED CHAT WHEEL. I'm thinking of something similar to Rocket League. Just some basic communication options like "Well played!", "Ouch!" or "Didn't see that coming" during a match. You get the idea.
RETROACTIVE TROPHY FIX. playing campaign since day one release on GOG (wanted to kill time waiting for crossplay MP...). I did my fair share of heroics but game never unlocked a single trophy on galaxy, started unlocking after the end of KSR campaign and they just did so for the new ones, all my old ones are not there. is it so difficult to patch a savegame looking at my storymode triggers? i think this one is really easy to fix and i don't want to start over campaign just for trophies -.-
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RESTART MISSION BUTTON from menu. Having to Return to Warrens and whatnot after you know you're screwed during a campaign mission is a bit of a drag. Sometimes I lose so fast that I'd just like to restart immediately and not have to go through the loading times to the Warrens again.