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Since the devs made the game so easy to tinker around with, I decided to mod in the SC1 battlecruiser as a tier 3 unit. Because...

* It flies, shoots lasers
* Its structure is a starport
* 15 att, 60 def

I couldn't find a nice way to edit in any audio, so the BC will sound like the owl.

Download from here.
Or use the direct link


Note: This will probably cause you to desync in multiplayer unless the other player has the mod installed as well.

To install
* Unzip the downloaded zip somewhere
* Copy the "data" and "textures" folders to "{INSTALL PATH}/Tooth and Tail/content", merging when asked (No files will be overwritten)

To uninstall, remove these files from "{INSTALL PATH}/Tooth and Tail/content" (Again, all these come from the mod only, no original game files are changed)
* data/core/particles/structures/starportbuildstartpsystem.xml
* data/multiplayer/actors/t3/cruiser.xml
* data/multiplayer/structures/t3/warren_cruiser.xml
* data/multiplayer/traits/laserbattery.xml
* data/multiplayer/weapons/guns/weapon_laserbattery.xml
* textures/cruiser
gameplay.jpg (316 Kb)
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