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Add me as friend. Pm me if I'm online. And lets play some ranked! Cause we'll be the only ones doing Or we can custom game idc. Just add me as friend so we can text for communication. Play in windowed mode or figure out a way to minimize the game so we can communicate somehow in between games.

Add your name and others can add you as well. NETWORKING!

I've played rank with 2 people so far. Really enjoyed both sets of games. First game.....was just 1 guy and I won but it was pretty closeish, but it was my first online game so it was fun.

Second, played with other guy for 5-6 straight games. I think he won 2 and I won 3...or something like that. I had a real fun time. He taught me stuff and then I used it against him in future games lolol.

And one of the games I completely turned it around by attacking his mill directly when he had me at his mercy. He got cocky and I backdoored his mill while he was coming to finish me off. It was great. I learned all about the diff units and everything. Super fun. We couldn't communicate at all tho, and i tried to add him as friend on gog but couldn't get reply. OH WELL.

I think the first person was LuckyNecromancer, rank 10 on the board now.
and the second one today was Flesh. Flesh was a good player, he was better than me. I managed to win more than he did tho....but it was done rather shrewdly as I mentioned. This game is brutal!!! You can turn the worst situations around if you can get 4-5 tier 1 units together....raptors especially.
I used to hate raptors but flesh showed me how to rush with them, and honestly I can't see playing any other way now lol. They are awesome fast.
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everyone that plays should post here so we can invite until cross-play comes along.
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I just played a few games against you, and at least 1 against flesh too. It was the first time i found players. Much more fun than playing against bots.
It's a shame that there is no ingame chat.
ye i got flesh, aaeneas, mau, and rocket added so far. we've been using gog chat and playing ranked games against eachother...

So join us! Put ur name and add us as friends! Just pm any of us if were online and we can play online

Does anyone know if theres a chat room feature? chatting 1 on 1 with 3-4 diff people is a bit annoying....rather have 1 big chat room.

I'm also curious how you guys minimize the game. I have to play in windowed mode in order to use the gog galaxy chat and stuff. not sure if theres a better way? a way to play full screen? cause i can't for the life of me figure out how to access desktop from fullscreen on this game.

Or we can always just go through the entire list of ranked 16 people really lol. Type their name in search....request friend invite....see if they accept. Not sure if theres a way to communicate unless people add u as friend...curious about that.
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