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Hi I thought it would be useful to put together a 'to do list' both for the community and devs.
Let's do 3 categories: immediate, and then a second for features that can wait a bit, and then optional requested stuff.

Stuff under each column is listed in no particular order.
I've read alot of the reviews/postings of the game and from what people here and elsewhere have said this is what I have:

1. Immediate To do list:

-Add text communication on lobbies and inside custom games
-Add crossplay with steam/ps4
-Add a minimize to the game so we won't have to ......WHY IS THERE NO MINIMIZE?
-Fix windowed mode so it doesn't restart the entire game as we go back and forth. or find a fix with minimize
-Add custom game options

2. To do list that can wait a bit:

- add a general lobby and/or a general lobby chat. All pc rts games have this.
-do something about slow connections, label, and kick if they stall the game to the point where its unplayable
-Add friend functionality to the GOG version or remove it from the GOG version.

3. Requested

-scenario and script editor. So we can create custom maps/seeds
-map size options in custom games
-ingame reward for doing the challenege mode in singleplayer (skins/ui/extramission/extrastory/whatever!)
-weather effects from singleplayer available in custom games (wind/chill/desertburn/etc)

Leave a comment if I missed anything, or if you think something is in the wrong column.

Honeslty I think it would have been better to use a moba type model for this game. Make the ranked multiplayer free. Then if people buy:
-give them the singleplayer
-1 to 4+ extra hero skins for the multiplayer (can even make custom farm/mill/swine skins)
-give them custom game options

Or you can just give free players only 1 hero to the annoying blue guy.. Or a custom placeholder hero unit that isn't overly interesting lol (random follower rat that worships the other 4 chars lol...cheese dialogue inc). Key is to have ingame content that constantly reminds them there is a better experience should they pay for it. People will love the gameplay, so its a sure win model.

Infact, go do that right now. It seems like a no brainer to do this. You already got great reviews. All you need is a large enough community, then you can make as many sequels and as much dlc as your heart desires.
Post edited September 23, 2017 by trayter
I just saw there is a link to the devs doing the EXACT SAME THING.

I'm just gonna call it: great minds think alike.