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Well, I found a solution to the cutscene problem with TR 2 and 3. But it is going to take some time and 2 blank CDs. ANd of course you need a CD drive you can burn a CD on.

First, go to go to the game section,go to either of the tomb raiders 2 or 3 pages, and download the VIsta XP multipatcher (if you have windows 7 32 or 64 bit don't worry, the patch works fine.) You only have to download it once, it pathes both TR 2 and 3.

Now here is the time consuming part. The Multipacther requires you have the CD s for TR 2 and 3 in the drive. So what you have to is make your own (presuming you don't have the original TR CDs).
Simply got to the folder where you installed the games,open the forlder for TR 2 and then copy the contents to your cd rom drive and, burnt them to a blank cd. Name the CD TOmb Raider 2. Please note you copy the contents,not the folder itself;do not copy the folder to the cd just the contents.
Repeat for Tomb raider 3 on a second CD,
Now simply put the cd in the drive, and run the multi patcher. Remove the CD.When you are done, the game should run perfect. And NO, you do not have to have the CD in the drive if you using the GOG Version.
You might want to keep the TR2 CD you made around, because you can use it to play the Five extra levels also available for free (and yes, it is a legal download) at
It is a slight pain in the butt? Yes. Should GOG have fixed the problem before they sold the game? You bet. But the point is for about 40 minutes time and 2 CDs (probably worth about one buck for both nowdays) you can get the games worling on modern computer.

BTW, email GOG support to fix the problem. Since a bunch of fans were able to fix it with a multipatch, they should be able to do the same.
Thanks, this fixed my problem of the Tomb Raider 2 videos not playing (and I didn't even have to burn a new disc as I already have a TR2 game CD).
I suspected that if you have a TR 2 or 3 original cd, that would work as well.
Anyway if you don't just make a cd of the contents of the GOG TR 2 and 3 folders. Just remember to burn the contents of the folders,and not the folder itself.
Hopefully GOG will fix this problem. It should not be that hard for them to do.
Wouldn't be easier to make .iso files containing TR files and then simply mount them?
Smolag: Wouldn't be easier to make .iso files containing TR files and then simply mount them?
If that works for you, fine, but for me sticking a CD which probably cost an average of 50 cents nowdays into the CD Drive and copying and burning it is simpler then mounting a iso file. To each his own.

But the real point is that since this is problem that has been known about for these games ever since WIndows XP came out, and a solution was found long ago by fans,there does not seem to be much excuse for GOG to have let this slip by.
Probably give this a trial I just want to make sure I understand take copy the files from within all the files in the Tomb Raider directory? Or just burn it the way it is in GOGs file? Thanks for the solution... Now all I need to do is get used to the darn PC controls...

As for GOG I'm not sure how this got past them.. But Im not that bothered I still get to play these games buggy or not and for the price? I just can't bring myself to be mad at guys at GOG also if they do what the did with motorracer and pull the games and offer everyone refunds I know I won't be taking it, still I hope they can get the "gold editions" or perhaps a copy of Tomb Raider 4 (if it had a PC version I dunno) as compensation?

Lol anyway thanks again for the solution.
Thanks for the info - now Tomb Raider 2 and 3 both work in CrossOver 11 on OS X, without any random crashing or cutscene glitches. Again, thank you - this finally resolves something which has nagged me for the better part of two days.
Meh. Tried doing it with an ISO file, and, while the patcher didn't complain, it didn't fix the problem either. I'm not too keen on trying the actual CD-burning method.

I did send a support ticket to GOG to state that the videos in 2+3 were borked though.
Fixes for TR2 and 3 from the multipatcher are included in our latest patch.
Just bought 1,2 and 3.

The first time TR2 had cutscenes and TR 3 did not. Now TR2 has no FMVs and TR3 has.

EDIT: I experimented with the compatibility modes and the cutscnenes worked again. I turned it off...and they still worked! Well, I can live with that.

Sadly TR2 plays its cutscenes in a window :(

And by the way: Please update TR1 to nglide. I thought after your cooperation with ZEUS software you would do that with all GLIDE games ;)
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Gowor: Fixes for TR2 and 3 from the multipatcher are included in our latest patch.
Where's the patch? I'm not seeing it in the installer and the looping sound problem still exists... I'm also using Windows 8
Gowor: Fixes for TR2 and 3 from the multipatcher are included in our latest patch.
Referring to TR2 btw
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Gowor: Fixes for TR2 and 3 from the multipatcher are included in our latest patch.
Well I see now that I downloaded the but the bug is still there... it didn't fix it for TR2 anyway...
TR 3 does not run at all with my mac system 10.9.5 and crossover. It installs but when starting or use set up it said serious problems and doesn't luck the game. Any idea? I got the gog version TR1-3.