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Hi everyone,

my name is Michal and I'm a communication guy for Mechanistry. We're the Polish team of seven behind Timberborn, the city-builder full of lumberpunk beavers, and we're thrilled our game is coming to GOG Games in Development*!

Our original plan was to release Timberborn on all platforms in Q1 2021 but that changed when we launched our demo for the first time. Its reception exceeded our expectations... by a lot. We realized that the game can and should become something bigger than we previously thought. Because of that, we decided we would launch Timberborn later this year. The GOG Games in Development version will be released simultaneously with Early Accesses elsewhere.

And now, to celebrate the Spring Sale, Timberborn Demo has landed on GOG as a part of the "Soon to Bloom" collection! We shipped it with a brand new update that changes the visual style of buildings and adds build prioritization, among others, so it's as fresh as it gets! If you didn't have a chance to see the previous visual style, you can check a little comparison video here on YouTube.

We're curious about what you think about the Demo, the new visuals, and Timberborn in general. Be sure to let us know either here on the GOG forums or via our official Discord. And if you have any questions, fire away!

(*) Don't tell anyone but I'm personally twice as happy because GOG has always been my favourite platform where I can play all my isometric and non-isometric RPGs without any hassle.
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