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Anyone notice how the trailer has better voice acting then the game.
There is nothing wrong with the voice acting. The mother is ACTUALLY a Norwegian woman. So in English, I would rather have her doing it with an accent rather than someone without an accent. I think she does pretty good. This is a first effort by a small young team, and it is a fantastic accomplishment.
If anyone who tolerates my forum yammering would know that I am an extremely anal voice-acting critic to an abnormal degree, so much so, that it actually contributes to my deal-breaking criteria for games!

But after reading about the atrocious voice work in a review, I went to see a let's play video in order to judge for myself; and was very impressed that they used actual Norwegians, and not North American McDonald employees to do the voice-work...

Needless to say it's an Insta-buy for me!
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The voice acting adds to the immersion for me, better the have a voice actor who is a native speaker of the language local to the setting (in this case Norwegian). It gives a layer of authenticity that using someone native to North America (for example) would lack.

Unlike 'take' above me voice acting isn't my number one priority in a game, as it tends to be an aspect of the background to my experience and thus I usually don't notice it enough to specifically remark upon it, but having played the game I would now actually list it as an unexpected selling point for me.
Looks like the DEVs updated the English voice work and Unity 5.6 [i](Although Unity's at vers 5.7)[/i it still runs like ass as I'm stuck with 1440x900|2880x1800 59 instead of 60 refresh rate...
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Magmarock: Anyone notice how the trailer has better voice acting then the game.
A very late reply...;)...but I thought the trailer voice actor sounded too young to be a mother in search of her me she sounded less like a mother and more like a daughter nice to know the voice is different in the game itself.