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I just started my first playthrough.
The story looks very promising.
I love that you can play with norwegian audio in a game set in norway.

The only thing I am not happy with is that the keybord controls are locked and can not be changed.
Please add an option to remap the keys. The sneak / run keys in particular.
I can't press the left shift and ctrl at the other side of the keyboard while using the arrow keys for movement.

Finally found how to change the settings.
I just wish it was more flexible. Tou can't remap the mouse at all.
It ia possible to move functions from the mouse to the keyboard, but not from the keyboard to the mouse.
By mistake I set Flaslight to F because I thought I could set jump or run to RMB. Turned out that it is not possible to set anything to thw mouse buttons.
Now RMB can't be used for anything.
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Brizhadon: Edit:
Finally found how to change the settings.
How did you do it?