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The game is really immersive and I would like to thank developers for creating it. Below I put my critical feelings and some suggestions to improve the game:

- Graphics - The quality of artwork in the game is very high. In spite of this, the graphics of subsequent stages was a little bit monotonous for me. I suppose, that the cause was graphical style in general - comic, with broad black boundaries. This style matches very well with dark story in The Witcher universe, but might need to be shifted a bit in the long term (next games).

-The Plot - The plot is a distinctive factor for each game in The Witcher series. The same applies here. However I am not convinced by Caldwell character while he meets Meve for the last time. The way he acts does not correspond to his desire for comfortable life. I suspect that the big evil guys need some more characteristic features. Maybe there should be a short episode, where we play as Nilfgaard and feel our supremacy?

-Gwent - Not an easy one, but almost every reviewer states that AI should be improved in Gwent duels, and the duels should be more difficult in general. Moreover, almost no significant switch in the deck is needed through the game. I suppose that there should be a kind of tutorial duel with Raynard for each possible opponent faction. It should be possible to save and choose from a bunch of own-made decks.

-The Camp - Camp upgrades are limited and I support such limitation. However, there is no real need for strategical thinking in the upgrading process. Moreover, I found the people supply obsolete - i didn't have to put it into consideraton any time. Maybe the groups: dogs, rivs, machines and nonhumans should be splitted into separate tents, with clear differences and more visible upgrades? Maybe it should mimic HOMM III both with camp design and - to some extent - variety of resources?

-Puzzles - Puzzles are really puzzling. However, I think that a few of them are obsolete and completely out of presented world.

-Gameplay - The process of gathering resources could be really time-wasting. Maybe there should be a kind of automatic gathering sources from an area after pressing a button. Maybe the speed of movement of the character, as well as the speed of gathering should be set by the user?
As many reviewers, I experienced tremendous excess of resources at later stages. Therefore, I was able to help every villager without any real expense. Maybe the amount of resorces needed in such dillema should be dependent on the state of the camp and the amount of resources kept by the player?

-The Final - My will of revenge is not fully satisfied....
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