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I have installed Thronebreaker on my two computers, and it works perfectly fine on one of them. However, when I launch it on the second one, I get no sound.
Everything else works fine on this one (It has 3 monitors, if that says anything, aside from the other one which is a regular laptop), be it streams, games, music and what not, but I can't get no sound on Thronebreaker. I have tried enabling, and disabling sound in-game, restarts, repairs and such with no luck.

I do only use a Razer Kraken headset on this system, with no "normal" speakers even plugged in, if that may be a issue, but I kind of doubt it since everything else works just fine?

Thanks in advance


Nevermind, I am an idiot.
Post edited October 31, 2018 by MurvelOskis
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Glad to hear that you found a solution to your problem.

Would be appreciated if you could bring your solution to light. So others with similar problems. Could test your solution to play also.