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The AI takes ages over its turns sometimes, other times the game stops responding to clicks on cards, loads of lag even though I play a lot of graphicaly demanding games and the odd random crash to desktop.

So, are these problems known and going to be addressed? This is the buggiest game Ive played in ages, really like it but these problems are making it nigh unplayable.
Same problems here! Game is very beautiful but problems are annoying. To be honest, after the first half of the first act i didn't have problems anymore (i just finished first act) so maybe is just a problem of the beginning
Good puzzles but sometimes the game just stops and I have to reboot it. Quite annoying. Sometimes it says it is saving but the saving process never finishes (especially after a difficult puzzle I have just solved) and I have to re boot and re do the puzzle.

Are these concerns being addressed?
Yeah, I'm getting pissed off. Besides the game not working with 3rd part codex the constant lockups are insane.

I hope this get addressed soon.
i made it trough my first playthrough without any serious problems.
sometimes a puzzle bugged out: meaning the card played had no effect at all or the opponent AI crashed leading to an infinite turn.

but now i started my 2nd run on hard difficulty inorder to get the 2 archivments i missed.
problem the game constantly crashes.
during dialogs the next button doesnt work. > 100% stuck, not a single button does work > have to quit via taskmanager
during battle cards have no effects, the enemyturn freezes, i cant end nor pass.
while in a bugged match the esc menu still works but no matter if i choose restart battle or load savepoint the game a 100% freezes in endless loading.
to ensure how often this happen. i have 1 dialog or match that works properly. and the second dialog sequenz or match bugs out no matter what. so i can basicly restart the entire game after every singl step i do.